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Import Honda NSX under 25 Year Rule

Import Honda NSX under 25 Year Rule

Want to import Honda NSX to Australia under the 25 Year Rule and not sure where to start ? YES – The new 25 Year Rule has been confirmed and will allow the import of vehicles – including the NSX – that are over 25 years old, from 10 December 2019. This means ANY 1994 built and older vehicle at that point will be allowed for import (other than buses, trucks etc.) including R32 GT...


March 6, 2019 / Classic cars, General News, Import Regulations
Good News new import regulation

Import Regulations 2019 RELEASED

So, the new import regulations 2019 were finally released with some major improvements bound to put a grin on enthusiasts’ faces. YES – We have secure indoor storage available now for anyone wanting to get a jump on the market prior to 10 December 2019, which is only 10 months away and will be on us before we know it. Bear in mind that some classics may take months to source so it̵...


February 27, 2019 / Australian Compliance, Classic cars, General News, Import Regulations
Honda Civic Type R FD2 3

Import Honda Civic Type R FD2 under New SEVS

Lots of interest lately in the 2007 – 2010 Honda Civic Type R FD2 and whether this model will be eligible for import to Australia under the new SEVS from December 2019. View inspection pics for another auction example The Honda Civic Type R FD2 was a relatively rare model with approx. 13,000 units made during the above year range. So, will it be eligible for import under the new SEVS crit...


February 21, 2019 / Classic cars, General News, Import Regulations
Pea Car

New Hybrid & Electric Import Options

Thanks to some pre-emptive changes ahead of the new SEVS regulations which will apply from 10 December this year, we can now import a growing range of secondhand and new hybrid and electric vehicles. Australia is lagging well behind most other high carbon footprint countries on reforming the transport sector to combat climate change, so the new regulations are a very welcome step in the right dire...


February 15, 2019 / General News, Import Regulations
New Import Regulations waiting

New Import Regulations UPDATE

This seems to be dragging on doesn’t it ? Here’s the latest on the new import regulations which are set to apply from 10 December 2019. 10 days ago we requested an update from the Govt. – today we received the reply which you can read in full below. But first, bear in mind that the Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 that was passed into law last year deals only with top level ma...


January 24, 2019 / General News, Import Regulations
Royal Assent

New Import Regulations START – 10 Dec 2019

OK, the date is set. The Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 received Royal Assent on 10 Dec 2018. There is now a 12 month transition period to allow businesses to adjust and new management structures to be put in place. This Bill forms the skeleton of the new laws. The important detail on actual operation will be in the Regulations which have not yet been released. We will update again once this hap...


December 11, 2018 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
New Vehicle Import Regulations Passed

New Import Regulations PASSED

The new vehicle import regulations we have all been waiting for were finally passed by the Aust. Govt. yesterday… after 5 long years. At last, Australian consumers will have a greater choice of vehicles at lower prices including low emissions options What happens next ? There is a 12 month period before the new regulations will apply. The old scheme will be phased out over the next 2 years. ...


November 28, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
Import reg changes

Import Regulation Changes – No News is Good News ?

We are asked on a daily basis when the vehicle import regulation changes will kick in. New legislation has been proposed now for about 4 years ! Everyone is waiting for a refresh of the existing import regulations for Australia which are becoming somewhat stale and uninspiring – considering the reduced availability and rapidly rising costs of most of the desirable models out of Japan that ...


June 18, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018

Submissions on the Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018

Only 23 submissions were made to the Committee reviewing the draft legislation for vehicle import regulation changes; 20 from affected businesses and industry bodies including 1 submission from the Govt. itself. Leaving just 3 submissions from individuals. With this level of apathy from Aust consumers it’s no wonder that Govt. and big business have gotten away with unfairly restricting our i...


April 19, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
Vehicle Import Regulation Changes Committee Review

Vehicle Import Regulation Changes – Committee Review

The Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 and related bills have been referred by the Australian Senate to a Committee for enquiry and report back to the Govt. by 7 May 2018. The following is reproduced from an email received on 3 April 2018. Closing date for submissions if you wish to have your say, is 17 April 2018. Inquiry into the Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 and related bills On 28 March 201...


April 13, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
Reform of the MVSA

Govt. Announces Costs of New Vehicle Import Laws

The new (Draft) vehicle import legislation was introduced to Parliament yesterday. The Govt. has also released a 32 page draft Cost Recovery Plan setting out proposed costs for the new SEVS. On first glance, some costs seem unreasonably high – particularly application fees of between $700 to $3,500 to evaluate a model for addition to the new SEVS list. Submissions from stakeholders are due ...


February 8, 2018 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
Aircon degas exemption

Aircon Gas Import Laws Relaxed

Importers of low numbers of used vehicles into Australia will now be able to import approx. 35 vehicles per year (up to 25kg of gas) without degassing or obtaining a license, thanks to recent amendments to the Degassing Laws. The rule was originally limited to no more than 5 units (in a single consignment) in a 2 year period per importer. This rule has been updated for certain aircon gas types: ...


January 10, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
5% import duty removed

0% Duty on (Most) Imported Vehicles from 1 Jan 2018

From 1 January 2018 the 5% import duty will no longer apply to vehicles originating from Japan and the USA. A simple Certificate of Origin form must be submitted to Australian Customs at the time of completing the import entry. Removal of the 5% import duty represents a significant saving on the import of vehicles, particularly expensive ones such as GT-R’s for which the total price could en...


December 20, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations

2019 Vehicle Import Regulation Changes – Draft Legislation Announced

Import Regulation Changes will be delayed at least a further 6 months to around mid-2019 according to today’s Media Release from Minister Paul Fletcher: Stakeholder consultation period ending 28 Feb 2018 New legislation then to be passed through both houses of Parliament Reforms to commence 12 months AFTER the passage of legislation as the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) The change...


December 13, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
Import R35 GTR

Import early build R35 GTR from 2019

R35 GTR – we are receiving a lot of enquiries regarding if / when this model can be imported to Australia as a normal road use vehicle, so here’s an update. Quick Answers – 2007 – Feb 2009 R35 GTR models should be OK to import to Aust. from 10 December 2019 onwards under the new SEVS. Read more… Indicative price range is from $55K to $75K complied for most of the avai...


September 27, 2017 / General News, GTR, Import Regulations
2019 Import Regulation Changes Backflip 2

2019 Import Regulation Changes Media Release

According to today’s Media Release from Minister Paul Fletcher, the 2019 Import Regulation Changes WILL NOT allow the parallel import of new cars. The Media Release cites “cost and complexity” outweighing “minimal consumer benefit” for this complete backflip on what was proudly announced by the Minister only 18 months ago (and still claimed to be going ahead in comm...


August 16, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations, People Movers
Import reg changes dont hold breath

Vehicle Import Regulation Reform – What is Happening ?

Latest Update December 2017 ~ 2019 Vehicle Import Regulation Changes – Draft Legislation Announced When first announced in Feb 2016 the proposed import regulation reforms sounded very positive — not only for motoring enthusiasts but for all Australians. AND a long time coming. The Need for Import Regulation Reforms The current import regulations are restrictive to trade and lead to much hi...


July 29, 2017 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
7News new car prices 1

Australians being ripped off on new car prices

7News: Many car buyers wanting to purchase imports claim Australians are being ripped off, with vehicles far cheaper overseas. Typical differences in new car prices can be seen from the comparison of four popular models above. Watch the full 7News report: It’s now been 9 months since the Govt.’s last official update on the proposed vehicle import regulation changes. More reading: Lar...


July 26, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
Toyota Estima blocked

Import your People Mover before they’re BLOCKED

With proposed changes to the Australian Vehicle Import Regulations looming in 2018, it’s worth a reminder that people movers such as the Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Estima and Mitsubishi Delica will most likely be blocked from import as a secondhand vehicle (unless they are a hybrid). There may only be 6 months left to import one of these if the changes go ahead as the Govt. has previously indi...


July 14, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations, People Movers
Facebook scam alert 2018 Import Regulation Changes

Facebook Scam Warning 2018 Import Regulation Changes

Numerous pages have been popping up on Facebook and Instagram in the last 12 months claiming they are busy preparing to source new cars come 2018, posting up pictures of high end cars and promising huge savings. As far as we can tell, these “businesses” don’t actually exist other than on social media, so (as always) be wary of scams and very careful to check who you are actually ...


March 30, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
Import of Vehicles with Components Containing Asbestos

Import of Vehicles with Components Containing Asbestos

Last week Australian Customs released an updated list of questions for imported vehicles requiring any asbestos components to be declared / removed at the time of import to Australia. Importing motor vehicles that contain components such as gaskets, brake pads and clutch pads that include asbestos is prohibited in almost all circumstances. Wharf clearance delays may result if a motor vehicle is su...


March 13, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
Wheel clamped 600px Import of New Cars to Australia

Large Car Manufacturers try to stop Direct Import of New Cars to Australia

Proposed Govt. changes to the vehicle import regulations in 2018 would lead to increased competition in the Australian Car market by allowing the direct import of new cars by individuals. The Australian car industry is protected by restrictive import regulations (and taxes) which means all Australians pay much more for cars than they should, in some cases more than double. Not surprisingly, inste...


February 24, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
AIMVIA 7 News SEVS 2018

7 News – 2nd Hand Imported Car Savings May End Under SEVS 2018

AIMVIA President, Jack Sandher, recently appeared on 7 News Sydney. AIMVIA is now regularly engaging with mainstream media, who are again taking an interest in the proposed changes to importing legislation and how it will affect both enthusiasts and everyday working families. Thanks to 7 News for helping AIMVIA get its message out to the wider public, and to Jack for braving the cameras for an int...


October 25, 2016 / General News, Import Regulations
SEVS 2018

Less 2nd Hand Import Choice under SEVS 2018

Under a revised and in many ways more restrictive Import Scheme for Aust in 2018, many enthusiast vehicle models will remain blocked from import if they were originally sold here new and other options will be quietly removed... It appears likely that people movers such as the Toyota Estima, Nissan Elgrand and Mitsubishi Delica (that currently form the bulk of 2nd hand imports to Australia and k...


October 20, 2016 / Classic cars, General News, Import Regulations, People Movers

FULL Japan Car History and Japanese Odometer Check Service

Want a comprehensive Japanese odometer check for your imported Japanese car or one you plan to buy ? Or to find out what your car sold for in Japan ? A service called Japan Car History Check provides Japanese auction records for most Japanese imports going as far back as 2007, including auction sold price in many cases. They can also access full Japan registration history from new and a re...


October 5, 2016 / General News, Import Regulations
new car import cars on wharf

New Car Import to Australia — What you need to know

From 2018, proposed changes to the Vehicle Import Regulations will make it possible for new car import by anyone in Australia, not just the big car makers. Private individuals will be able to organise their own new car import to Australia every 2 years. This will apply to new cars and motorcycles from another country with comparable standards to Australia’s (including Japan and the UK). Th...


July 6, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
AIMVIA new car import

Heightened media interest in AIMVIA this week

Following is the latest update from the Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (AIMVIA). Over the past week there has been significant media interest in AIMVIA, with print and online content backed up by radio interviews in Sydney. The tone of the initial articles suggested concern by FCAI members over proposals by the Turnbull Government to relax the regulations surrounding the p...


May 2, 2016 / Import Regulations
Police Raids on Sydney Dealers Edward Lee Imports

Police Raids on Sydney Car Dealers for Odo Tampering

In case you’ve not seen the news… Coordinated police raids on Sydney car dealers two days ago have resulted in one dealership, “Dream Car City”, having its trading immediately suspended. Videos below show police raids on several well known Sydney dealerships, including Edward Lees Imports on Parramatta Road. Moving sale ending Feb 2016… Prophetic. Moving to anoth...


February 18, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
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