Honey, someone shrunk the Bentley !

Mazda Autozam Carol

Looking for a quirky 600cc kei car like this cute 1997 Mazda Autozam Carol that looks like a Bentley compact ?

Good News ! Any kei car is now possible to import to Australia – right up to new models currently on sale in Japan – under the new import regulations.

Mazda Autozam Carol 6

The only conditions are that the same model was not sold new in Australia and the Micro-car (kei-class car) criteria are met – less than 660cc / 47kW, and under 3.4m long x 1.48m wide.

Mazda Autozam Carol interior

Plus of course for older classic vehicles we have a rolling 25 Year Rule, which – at the time of this post – allows the import of vehicles built in January 1995 and earlier.

Mazda Autozam Carol rear seat

At last, the only limit is your imagination ! Try our automated auction alerts system here.

This grade 4 with 76,250 km sold for just 140,000 Yen, or about $10,000 fully on road.

Mazda Autozam Carol auction report

Simply give us a call or get in touch via email to discuss what you’re looking for, and for current market pricing.

Mazda Autozam Carol white

Mazda Autozam Carol white rear

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