Toyota Crown Majesta, Athlete and Hybrid (S200 Series 2008 to current)

Toyota Crown Majesta, Athlete and Hybrid

S200 Series – S20 and S21 Models 2008 to current

The S200 Toyota Crown Series covers both the S20 model built from 2008 to 2012 and the S21 facelift model built from 2013 onwards. Produced since 1955, the Crown is the longest running Toyota model name.

2013 Toyota Crown Athlete hybrid
2013 Toyota Crown Majesta hybrid

2013 Toyota Crown Majesta S21

2008 to 2012 Toyota Crown Athlete

1998 to 2010 Toyota Crown Athlete S200 Series front 3 large

The Crown is very similar in many respects to the Lexus IS and GS models and is based on the same platform. It has a 6 speed tiptronic auto gearbox (or CVT in the Hybrid) and an 8 speed tiptronic auto in the Crown Majesta (changed to CVT in the 2013 facelift when the Majesta went from the conventional 4.6L engine to a 3.5L hybrid).

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The Toyota Crown also uses Lexus engines in some models such as the 232kW (310hp) 6 cylinder 2GR-FSE engine found in the Lexus IS350 and GS350.

The S20 Crown Majesta has a 4.6 L 1UR-FSE V8 engine which outputs 255kW (340hp). The facelift S21 Crown Majesta changed to a 3.5L hybrid setup which resulted in similar power with half the fuel consumption.

The hybrid Crown drivetrain is very similar to that of a Lexus GS450h.

The S200 Crown was available in 4 different trim levels:

Toyota Crown Royal series

The base model with a range of comfortable and luxury features.

Toyota Crown Athlete series

The Athlete combines the luxurious aspects of the Royal series together with more aggressive styling and sporty features.

Toyota Crown Majesta series

The top end luxury model Crown with different styling and more luxurious features than the Royal series.

Toyota Crown Hybrid series

A trim level designated for the Hybrid Synergy Drive V6 drivetrain which achieves excellent fuel economy and performance. Toyota claims the Crown Hybrid has 4.5L V8 performance with the fuel economy of a 2 L 4 cylinder at better than 5L / 100km.


The Crown Athlete is capable of 0–100 km/h in under 6 seconds, while the Crown Hybrid is in the 5.4 second range due to the additional power of the hybrid motor.

For interest, the Lexus GS 450H Hybrid (GWS191) is mechanically similar to the Toyota Crown Hybrid and produces 253 kW (339 bhp).

Toyota Crown Option Levels

Within the different Crown Series choices there were a number of further option levels, as detailed below.

Toyota Crown 3.5L Athlete

232kW model with 6 speed tiptronic transmission. 18 inch wheels and sport body kit as standard.

Toyota Crown 3.5L Athlete G Package

The G Package added luxury features as standard which were only optional on the base Athlete, including leather seats, heated and power rear seats as well as rear audio controls.

Toyota Crown 3.5L Athlete ‘Reborn Pink’ (facelift S21 model only)

Distinctive factory pink body with white interior.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon and Athlete models with 2.5L and 3.0L engines

Variations on the above models with lower power output. Only those with the 3.0L engine are eligible for import to Australia.

Toyota Crown Hybrid

Base model Hybrid with combined 250kW (334HP) of power and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). LCD gauges, rear power seats and rear audio controls standard.

Toyota Crown Hybrid L Package

Sunroof and leather were added as standard options.

Toyota Crown Hybrid Royal Saloon

Facelift base spec Hybrid model with 2.5L engine and CVT.

Toyota Crown Hybrid Athlete ‘Reborn Pink’ (facelift S21 model only)

Distinctive factory pink body with white interior

Toyota Crown Majesta Type A

Base model with 255kW (340hp) 4.6L V8 and 8 speed tiptronic transmission. Standard options included air suspension, rear power rear seats and rear audio controls.

Toyota Crown Majesta Type A – L-Package

Leather, sunroof and heated rear seats as standard.

Toyota Crown Majesta Type C

Rear heated power seats, rear audio controls, sound system upgrade. Optional leather seats.

Toyota Crown Majesta Type G

Type C specification with leather as standard.

Toyota Crown Majesta Type G – F-Package

Top spec luxury model in limousine style with 4 seats instead of 5. Leather and sunroof both standard. Arm rest in the centre with audio and climate controls for rear passengers, 3-way power rear seats including power leg rests, rear seats are also heated and cooled. Rear has a flip down TV screen and refrigerator. Powered front passenger seat can fold forward to give rear passengers more leg room.

Toyota Crown Majesta Base Model (2013 S21 Facelift)

Facelift model with redesigned body and interior. 3.5L Hybrid with 252kW (338hp) and CVT.

Toyota Crown Majesta Version F (2013 S21 Facelift)

Facelift luxury model with many high end features as standard. 5 seater only (4 seat version was not made in the facelift shape).

Toyota Crown Majesta I-FOUR (2013 S21 Facelift)

4.3L V8 4WD model. Not eligible for import under SEVS (only 2.5L and 3.5L hybrid models are eligible).

Toyota Crowns available for import to Australia

All 2008 to 2012 S20 Toyota Crown models are eligible for import under SEVS except for those with the 2.5L engine as they don’t meet the power to weight criteria:

2.5L, 149kW at 1600kg =  93kW per tonne  (not eligible for import)

3.0L, 188kW at 1600kg = 117kW per tonne

3.5L, 218kW at 1830kg = 119kW per tonne

3.5L, 232kW at 1650kg = 140kW per tonne

4.3L, 206kW at 1810kg = 113kW per tonne

4.6L, 255kW at 1750kg = 145kW per tonne

After the 2013 facelift, only the 2.5L and 3.5L Hybrid models are ruled eligible for import to Australia under SEVS:

Hybrid 2.5ltr 2AR-FSE 236kW at 1680kg = 140kW

Hybrid 3.5ltr 2GR-FXE 333kW at 1810kg = 183kW

Advanced Technology

The S200 Toyota Crown introduced a number of innovative features to the market.

It was one of the first vehicles to have an Artificial Intelligence-Adaptive Variable Suspension System (NAVI/AI-AVS) linked to its 3D satellite navigation system and G-BOOK. This system can adjust suspension damper firmness for corners based on map data and change transmission gear shift timings and engine braking for merging on and off highways and approaching tollbooths.

The Crown was also the first Toyota with active noise control, which works by producing a noise frequency specifically designed to cancel out unwanted noise as shown in the following diagram.

Toyota Crown Active Noise Reduction

The Crown uses a world-first Collision avoidance system (PCS) with front-side Millimeter wave radar to detect potential side collisions primarily at intersections or when another vehicle crosses the centre line. Later versions of this system tilt the rear seat upward, placing the passenger in a more ideal crash position if it detects a front or rear impact.

Another feature of the PCS is the GPS-navigation linked brake assist function. This detects if the driver is late in braking when approaching a stop sign, if triggered it sounds an alert and pre-charges the brakes to provide optimum braking force. This system only works in certain Japanese cities as it requires Japan-specific road markings that are detected by a CCD camera.

The Crown Hybrid Night View introduced the first pedestrian detection feature for an active automotive night vision system, which highlights pedestrians and presents them in a box on an LCD display in front of the driver.

The Driver Monitoring System for detecting whether the driver’s eyes are properly open was updated in the S200 series Crowns.  The system monitors the driver’s eyes to detect the level of ‘wakefulness’, even if the driver is wearing sunglasses, and at night.

Another world first for the Toyota Crown was the centre airbag, introduced in 2009.

Toyota intended the Crown to rival the European BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6, Jaguar XF, the American Cadillac CTS, and the Japanese Acura RLX, Honda Legend, Infiniti M, and Nissan Fuga.

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2008 to 2010 TRD Toyota Crown Athlete S20

2009 Toyota Crown Majesta S20

2013 Toyota Crown Majesta S21 (facelift)

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