Suzuki Spacia Hybrid Import Information

2023+ Spacia Hybrid & Hybrid Turbo 660cc (MK54S & MK94S)

Suzuki Spacia Hybrid Import Information and SEVS import eligibility for Australia

Suzuki Spacia hybrid Japan

Model Approval was suspended by the Govt. in May 2024 due to an issue with ADR’s. This model is not allowed for import until further notice.

The December 2017 to 2023 Suzuki Spacia hybrid (MK53S) and 2023+ Suzuki Spacia hybrid (MK54S / MK94S)* can be imported from Japan to Australia as they were not sold here new by Suzuki.

*Model approval / compliance is pending for the latest model.

This page deals with the 2023+ Suzuki Spacia hybrid (MK54S turbo / MK94S non-turbo).

Available in two variations – Spacia and Spacia Custom with 2WD / 4WD and hybrid / hybrid turbo options.

Suzuki Spacia Custom hybrid Japan options

Suzuki Spacia hybrid Japan options

Suzuki Spacia Custom Feature Review (Japanese with English subtitles)

Both Spacia hybrid and Spacia Custom hybrid models are available in 6 spec levels. Only the Spacia Custom has a hybrid turbo option which comes as XS spec in 2WD or 4WD:

Spacia Hybrid G 2WD

Spacia Hybrid G 4WD

Spacia Hybrid X 2WD

Spacia Hybrid X 4WD

Spacia Hybrid X 2WD Safety Plus Package

Spacia Hybrid X 4WD Safety Plus Package

Spacia Custom Hybrid GS 2WD

Spacia Custom Hybrid GS 4WD

Spacia Custom Hybrid XS 2WD

Spacia Custom Hybrid XS 4WD

Spacia Custom Hybrid XS Turbo 2WD

Spacia Custom Hybrid XS Turbo 4WD

The Spacia hybrid uses a petrol engine (657 cc R06D non-turbo) together with a WA04C 1.9 kW (2.6 PS) electric motor to produce a total of 36 kW (49 PS).

The Spacia hybrid turbo uses a petrol engine (658 cc R06A turbo) together with a WA054 2.3 kW (3.1 PS) electric motor to produce a total of 47 kW (64 PS).

The Spacia Custom Hybrid XS Turbo comes with Power mode.

2023 Spacia Custom hybrid turbo

Photo: Spacia Custom HYBRID XS Turbo with omnidirectional monitor, memory navigation, and communication device compatible with Suzuki Connect Body in Cool Khaki Pearl Metallic (ZVD)

Fuel Economy Figures from Suzuki for the Spacia hybrid and hybrid turbo models

Spacia hybrid fuel economy

Fuel economy across the model variants ranges from 21.9 to 25.1 km/L (4.57 to 3.98 L/100 km) (WLTC).


Fuel consumption rate *2
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism examination value)
25.1 km/L
City mode *3 23.1 km/L
Suburban mode *3 26.5 km/L
Expressway mode *3 25.2 km/L

Spacia Custom HYBRID XS Turbo 2WD

Fuel consumption rate *2
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism examination value)
21.9 km/L
City mode *3 19.3 km/L
Suburban mode *3 23.8 km/L
Expressway mode *3 22.0 km/L

Spacia Hybrid Body Colours

4 two-tone and 8 monotone body colour options for the Spacia:

Suzuki Spacia import colour options

4 two-tone and 7 monotone body colour options for the Spacia Custom:

Suzuki Spacia Custom import colour options

Suzuki Spacia two-tone option specia equipment

2023 Suzuki Spacia Hybrid New Price and Model Options

Spacia hybrid and Custom hybrid pricing2023 Spacia prices and specs

Contact us for current availability and pricing if you would like to import your own Suzuki Spacia hybrid to Australia.

Spacia Design Features

The Spacia Custom hybrid has full LED headlamps and LED front sequential indicators.

Spacia Custom price LED headlamp

The Spacia hybrid has a remote auto sliding door and low rear step entry for convenience.

Spacia hybrid auto slide door

Spacia hybrid entry height

The Spacia interior is designed to be comfortable and spacious despite its small size as a kei car, including various seat arrangements.

Spacia hybrid interior spaceSpacia seat arrangements

Spacia hybrid comfort equipmentSpacia hybrid comfort equipment 2Spacia hybrid comfort equipment 3

Seats are heated and cooled.

Spacia hybrid comfort equipment 4Spacia hybrid air conditioningSpacia hybrid sun protection

Spacia Custom hybrid comes with heated leather steering wheel, paddle shift and faux-leather seats.

Spacia Custom hybrid steering wheel heater

Smartphone connection (Apple CarPlay / Android Auto™)

You can use smartphone apps such as music, maps, calls and messages on the large 9 inch HD display by connecting via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Spacia hybrid dashboardSpacia hybrid 9-inch screen

Luggage space

Interior space is maximised using smart design features and hidden compartments.

Spacia luggage space 1Spacia luggage space 2

Spacia storage 1 Spacia storage 2Spacia storage 3Spacia storage 4

Spacia Hybrid Safety Features

The Spacia uses a range of advanced features to improve safety for occupants and other road users including Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with all vehicle speed tracking, Lane departure prevention, Lane departure warning, Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Leading vehicle start notification, High beam assist, Omnidirectional camera system with 360 degree view, Dual camera brake support (forward and reverse), and Start error suppression (forward and reverse).

Six SRS airbags are standard on all models – driver and passenger seat SRS airbags, front seat SRS side airbags and SRS curtain airbags.

Spacia hybrid SRS airbags

The adaptive radar cruise control combines millimeter wave radar, monocular camera, and ultrasonic sensor for faster and more accurate detection.

Spacia hybrid radar cruise control

Spacia hybrid ACCSpacia hybrid LDW

Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

Spacia hybrid lane keep assistSpacia hybrid lane departure warning

High Beam Assist

Spacia hybrid high beam assist

Omnidirectional monitor camera

Spacia hybrid omnidirectional camera

Headup display

Spacia hybrid headup display

Preventative safety systems

Spacia hybrid preventative safety

Spacia hybrid preventative safety 2

Spacia hybrid preventative safety 3Spacia hybrid preventative safety 4

How does direct import work ?

Every vehicle of interest to our clients is carefully inspected in person at auction, with more pictures provided along with market pricing guidance to help set the budget.

There is a good selection of Spacia hybrid models going through auction in Japan every week – we can assist with the entire process from choosing the best example to shipping it to Australia.

We specialise in direct car import from Japan and have been sourcing vehicles to order for private Australian buyers for over 25 years.

Every vehicle is hand-picked and we only source the very best.

We make Suzuki Spacia hybrid import easy with physical inspections of vehicles by experienced staff at over 30 auctions every week in the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyushu / Fukuoka regions.

We start by focusing only on vehicles with the highest auction grades. But there is a LOT more involved than just basic auction grading !

Auction reports are often not reliable – we inspect every vehicle of interest in person to ensure it is up to our standard and has the options and features you want.

Most people (even Japanese export agents) do not realise that a significant % of vehicles in Japan are bought and sold by Japanese dealers for a quick profit between different auctions. If you are not aware of this you will almost certainly pay more than you needed to for exactly the same car.

Our experience with this situation alone will often save you more than the cost of our service fee.

Our import agent service includes a pre-check for past auction records using JCHC, at no cost to you. This allows us to rule out:

  • Cars recently auctioned and moved to a different auction for quick resale

  • Graded R (accident repair) cars changed to higher grades

  • Cars that have passed in unsold multiple times indicating a problem with the condition and/or price.

Our thorough Japan auction inspections include checks of engine, transmission, air conditioning / electrics plus pictures inside, outside and underneath showing options / features and any condition issues. Just like the auction history checks, in-person inspections at auction are all part of our service – no extra charge.

Following these rules and being very selective on quality allows us to consistently target first-time auctioned vehicles for our clients in the best condition and at the best price.

We also ensure that any outstanding factory recalls are completed prior to export from Japan, which is essential before import to Australia / SEVS compliance. *Recall work is free in Japan and will be arranged at no extra charge before your vehicle goes to the Port, but please note there will be a small transport charge (generally $200 to $300) to send the vehicle to the nearest Suzuki dealer.

Once your Spacia has been exported from Japan all original paperwork and additional items such as spare keys and books are sent to you by EMS. This includes the Export Certificate (showing up to the last two re-registration inspection dates and odometer readings, depending on vehicle age) for your peace of mind.

Port clearance and compliance will be arranged for you, and registration can also be taken care of by the compliance workshop for your convenience.

For more detail see How our import process works.

Our automated auction alerts system ensures you never miss a suitable car.

Set up FREE auction alerts to receive daily email updates for the hybrid Spacia – the easiest way to monitor auction vehicles in Japan.

Check recent Japan auction Suzuki Spacia hybrid sale price.

View all vehicle import options for Australia.

Suzuki Spacia hybrid Pictures

Suzuki Spacia hybrid Japan bakerySuzuki Spacia hybrid Suzuki Connect system smart phone

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