Using ROVER to check import eligibility and compliance


The new SEVS import scheme started in June 2021 and is managed by the ROVER system.

To be eligible for import under SEVS a vehicle model:

– Must not have been sold new in Australia (in the same configuration)

– AND meet one of six import criteria.

Before you can import a vehicle the model must be approved for import AND compliance must be available.

Check models currently approved for import to Australia

Go to ROVER and select the SEVS Register.

SEVS Register

Remember – the SEVS Register is a work in progress and more models will be added over time.

If the model you want is NOT on the approved list (and you feel it meets the import criteria), you can apply through ROVER for the Govt. to consider it for approval OR engage an approved compliance workshop to apply for you.

*We cannot assist with this process.

Check available compliance

Go to ROVER and select the List of Approved Model Reports.

SEVS Model Reports

Model report = compliance package.

An approved model report is required before an import approval application can be submitted by a registered SEVS workshop.

Remember – the Model Report List is a work in progress and more will be added over time.

Major delays with the approval of model reports effectively stopped the import of most vehicles to Australia from October 2021 (when compliance ran out under the old SEVS for many popular models) and this remains a serious problem.

At the time of this post (3 March 2022), there were only 11 model reports approved.

The situation will improve throughout 2022 as more model reports are approved. We expect most of the popular import models to be available for import again by mid-2022 however please bear in mind that the timeframe ultimately depends on the Govt. processing paperwork and is therefore impossible to predict.

How direct import works

Research market pricing and availability for any model

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