How to Buy from Japanese Car Auctions

We inspect, buy and ship cars from the Japanese auctions to clients in Australia and within Japan.

The following video shows how the car auctions work plus everything we do behind the scenes to ensure we source only the very best vehicles at the right price.

How Direct Car Import Works and What We Do explain our service in detail.

Please take a moment to read the following important information.

Checklist How to Buy

BEFORE bidding at auction we require:

  • Our agent fee (depends on the service you need)

  • Your contact information

To determine how best to assist you we first need to discuss your location, vehicle specification, budget and timeframe.

We will then send our Vehicle Search Commencement package with payment details and service conditions.

Check the following before contacting us about a specific vehicle:

Step 1 – Auction Date & Time

Auction time

Has the vehicle already been auctioned ?

Or very soon to be auctioned ?

You can check this on the vehicle detail page.

If this is the case then unfortunately we are unable to help you with this vehicle.

Japanese auction systems work on short timeframes

Bidding requires advance preparation

Please consider becoming a client to bid on future vehicles

Step 2 – Country & Import Regulations

Globe map

From 2022 we only source Japanese-built vehicles less than 15 years old for import to Australia. No European or American models.

We also source any type of vehicle for clients living in Japan with transport arranged from auction directly to them.

Check the vehicle import regulations for Australia to make sure the car you want can be imported. There are restrictions.

Step 3 – Budget

Car budget

Does your budget match the market price in Japan ?

Research 3 months of Past sales data on our Auctions page.

How to check sale prices

Use our Cost Calculator to determine your final price.

If you require assistance after reviewing the above information please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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