From 2022 We Only Source Vehicles < 15 Years Old

Changed world

The world has been a wild ride since 2019, with uncertainty, transport delays, supply shortages and rapid market changes now things we accept as normal.

The secondhand car market has been affected in significant ways, most notably the large price rises on classic cars – particularly anything with a petrol turbocharged engine and manual transmission.

What does this mean for importing cars to Australia ?

The new import regulations still allow the import of older classics and performance models such as GT-R’s, however it has become so expensive and difficult to source quality examples that for us it is no longer viable to offer a service to do so.

The updated SEVS import regulations control what is allowed for import to Australia.

As we transition into the age of electric vehicles the primary focus of the Aust Govt is on hybrid / electric vehicles (mostly produced from 2010+) never sold new in Australia as well as kei cars and some modern ICE vehicles meeting the performance criteria.

Mainstream hybrid / electric sedans, hatches, wagons and people movers will form the bulk of the Australian secondhand import car market from now on and we must align our business accordingly.

From 2022 we only source vehicles built in Japan and LESS THAN 15 YEARS OLD.

The new SEVS requires model approval PLUS a model package to be approved by the Govt. before a compliance workshop can apply for an import approval and comply the vehicle.

Use ROVER to check import eligibility and compliance.

How direct import works

Research market pricing and availability for any model

Read about the New Vehicle Import Regulations for Australia here

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