Japanese Car Import Cost Calculators

How much does it cost to import a car from Japan ?

The total cost will depend on car purchase price, your location, vehicle size, import taxes, clearance costs and compliance procedures.

Your costs will include:

  • Car purchase price

  • Export agent fee (varies depending on car price – includes inspection, purchase, transport to Port, deregistration procedures, export paperwork and postage of original documents)

  • Shipping (roll on / roll off or container)

  • Import taxes, Customs, Quarantine and clearance charges

  • Transport from the Port

  • Compliance procedures for imported cars

  • Normal licensing and registration costs

Our Service Fee is in addition to the above costs and ranges between $880 and $1,100 AUD (plus GST) per vehicle depending on the type of service required. Find out more…

Discover the real import cost with our Japanese car import cost calculator for Australia.

Download our latest Japanese car Import Cost Calculator (MS Excel required):


Japan to Australia (0% import duty – Japan built vehicles OR over 30 years old)

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