Suzuki Solio Bandit Hybrid Import Information

2020+ Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid (MA37S, MA47S)

Suzuki Solio Bandit Hybrid Import Information and SEVS import eligibility for Australia

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid road

The November 2020+ Suzuki Solio hybrid (MA37S, MA47S) and Solio Bandit hybrid (MA37S, MA47S) 1.24L 5-seater mini-MPV can be imported to Australia.

This page deals with 2020+ Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid import.

The Suzuki Solio is also sold in Japan as the Mitsubishi Delica D:2.

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The Solio Bandit hybrid is available in 2WD and 4WD.

Suzuki Solio BanditSuzuki Solio Bandit hybrid dashboardSuzuki Solio Bandit hybrid interior

Two hybrid options are available – full hybrid and mild hybrid.

Mild hybrid – the motor assists the engine when starting or accelerating.

Full hybrid – the motor assists the engine when starting or accelerating AND it is possible to drive on full EV mode using just the electric motor.

The Solio Bandit hybrid SV full hybrid (MA47S) is 2WD only and the Solio Hybrid MV (MA37S) mild hybrid comes in 2WD / 4WD.

Solio Bandit hybrid import options

WLTC fuel economy for the Solio Bandit hybrid ranges between 18.4 to 22.3 km/L (5.43 to 4.48 L/100 km) depending on the model.

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid SV system

Suzuki Solio Bandit MV mild hybrid system

2024+ Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid model options in Japan

Solio Bandit Hybrid SV 2WD (MA47S)

Solio Bandit Hybrid MV 2WD (MA37S)

Solio Bandit Hybrid MV 4WD (MA37S)

Solio Bandit hybrid import ocean

Power output from the 1.242 L DOHC 16 valve VVT 4-cylinder K12C petrol motor used in all models is 67 kW (91 PS) @ 6,000 rpm. Torque is 118 Nm @ 4,400 rpm.

Suzuki K12C type dual jet engine

The Solio Bandit hybrid SV uses a 10kW (13.6 PS) PB05A AC synchronous electric motor with a 6Ah 42 cell lithium-ion battery pack.

The Solio Bandit hybrid MV uses a 2.3 kW (3.1 PS) WA05A DC synchronous electric motor with a 3Ah 5 cell lithium-ion battery pack.

Automatic transmission (5AGS) is used in the hybrid SV and automatic CVT transmission for the MV models.

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid red rear

Fuel tank capacity is 32L for the 2WD models and 30L for the 4WD model.

As of February 2024 the Solio Bandit hybrid SV was available in four two-tone and six monotone colours and the Solio Bandit hybrid MV was available in five two-tone and seven monotone colours.

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid SV body colour

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid MV body colour

The following Solio Bandit hybrid new price data was correct at February 2024. Secondhand prices will become substantially cheaper over time.

Contact us for current availability and pricing for your own Solio Bandit hybrid import to Australia.

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid SV price

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid MV price

Suzuki Solio Bandit Import Options and Features

Solio Bandit hybrid interior dimensions

High driving position and wide field of view for good visibility.

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid safety 1Solio Bandit hybrid Rear seat adjustment

Solio Bandit Rear seat arm rest tray table

Solio Bandit hybrid rear cargo space

Suzuki Solio Bandit luggage space seat adjustment

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid cargo area dimensions:

Solio Bandit hybrid cargo dimensions

Solio Bandit hybrid seat arrangement

Solio Bandit hybrid storage space

Factory 9-inch HD display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Solio Bandit hybrid dashSolio Bandit hybrid 9-inch HD displaySuzuki Solio Apple carplay android auto

Solio Bandit slim air circulator

Solio Bandit UV protection sunshade heated seats

Solio Bandit hybrid power slide door operation

Solio Bandit hybrid sliding door

Solio Bandit heater steering wheel shift

Solio Bandit USBSolio hybrid engine remote control

Solio Bandit multi information display

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid safety features

Factory optional 360 camera system:

Solio hybrid 360 camera

Solio hybrid 360 ViewSolio Bandit hybrid parking

The Solio Bandit hybrid has Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with all-vehicle speed tracking, lane departure warning, sway warning, preceding vehicle start notification, and high beam assist.

Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid radar cruise control

Solio Bandit hybrid head up display:

Solio Bandit hybrid head up display

The Solio Bandit hybrid has 6 SRS airbags:

Solio Bandit airbags

Sourcing your Solio Bandit in Japan

The Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid is a popular car in Japan so there is a large selection going through auction there every week – we can assist with the entire process from choosing the best example to shipping it to Australia.

We specialise in direct car import from Japan and have been sourcing vehicles to order for private Australian buyers for over 25 years.

Every vehicle is hand-picked and we only source the very best.

We make Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid import easy with physical inspections of vehicles by experienced staff at over 30 auctions every week in the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyushu / Fukuoka regions.

We start by focusing only on vehicles with the highest auction grades. But there is a lot more involved than just basic auction grading !

Auction reports are often not reliable – we inspect every vehicle of interest in person to ensure it is up to our standard and has the options and features you want.

Most people do not realise that a significant % of vehicles in Japan are bought and sold by Japanese dealers for a quick profit between different auctions. If you are not aware of this you will almost certainly pay more than you needed to for exactly the same car.

Our experience with this situation alone will often save you more than the cost of our service fee.

Our import agent service includes a pre-check for past auction records using JCHC, at no cost to you. This allows us to rule out cars recently auctioned and simply moved to a different auction for quick resale, graded R (accident repair) cars changed to higher grades, as well as cars that have passed in unsold multiple times indicating a problem with the condition and/or price.

Our thorough Japan auction inspections include checks of engine, transmission, air conditioning / electrics plus pictures inside, outside and underneath showing options / features and any condition issues. Just like the auction history checks, in-person inspections at auction are all part of our service – no extra charge.

Following these rules and being very selective on quality allows us to consistently target first-time auctioned vehicles for our clients in the best condition and at the best price.

We also ensure that any outstanding factory recalls are completed prior to export from Japan, which is essential before import to Australia / SEVS compliance. *Recall work is free in Japan and will be arranged at no extra charge before your vehicle goes to the Port, but please note there will be a small transport charge (generally $200 to $300) to send the vehicle to the nearest Suzuki dealer.

Once your Solio Bandit hybrid has been exported from Japan all original paperwork and additional items such as spare keys and books are sent to you by EMS. This includes the Export Certificate (showing up to the last two re-registration inspection dates and odometer readings, depending on vehicle age) for your peace of mind.

How the Solio hybrid import process works.

Our automated auction alerts system ensures you never miss a suitable car.

Set up FREE auction alerts to receive daily email updates for the Suzuki Solio Bandit – the easiest way to monitor auction vehicles in Japan.

Check recent Japan auction sales data for the Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid.

Contact us for current availability and pricing for your own Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid import to Australia.

Every vehicle of interest to our clients is carefully inspected in person at auction, with more pictures provided along with market pricing guidance to help set the budget.

View all vehicle import options for Australia.

Solio Bandit hybrid pictures

Suzuki Solio Bandit red mountainSuzuki Solio Bandit hybrid Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid efficiencySuzuki Solio Bandit hybrid MV premium silver metallic gun metallic two tone roof (FBZ)Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid MV white pearl gun metallic two tone roof (DYH)Suzuki Solio Bandit hybrid citySolio Bandit silver

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