Daihatsu Taft Import Information

2020+ Daihatsu Taft 658cc turbo & non turbo (LA900S, LA910S)

Daihatsu Taft Import Information and SEVS import eligibility for Australia

Taft import

Model Approval was suspended by the Govt. in May 2024 due to an issue with ADR’s. This model is not allowed for import until further notice.

The June 2020+ Daihatsu Taft (LA900S, LA910S) crossover SUV-style kei car is approved for import to Australia.

The Taft is available in turbo / non-turbo and 2WD / 4WD.

LA900S is 2WD and LA910S is 4WD.

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Daihatsu Taft import options

Taft interior 2Taft interior 1

As of Feb 2024 the Daihatsu Taft was available in a range of models plus the Chrome Venture and Dark Chrome Venture special editions. The model was designed to be highly customisable to personal taste from a wide range of options.

Daihatsu Taft special edition models

Specific features were available with the Rugged, Black, Chrome and White Packs.

Taft Style Packs

All Taft variants use a 658cc engine available as turbo or non-turbo, with CVT transmission.

The turbo has 47 kW (64 PS) @ 6,400 rpm and the non-turbo has 38 kW (52 PS) @ 6,900 rpm.

Daihatsu claims Taft fuel consumption (WLTC) of between 18.2 to 21.4 km/L (5.49 to 4.67 L/100 km) depending on the model.

Taft engine efficiency

Taft engine and ride height

Taft model options in Japan for 2024 were:

Taft G

Taft Special Edition G Dark Chrome Venture

Taft Special Edition G Chrome Venture

Taft G Turbo

Taft Special Edition G Turbo Dark Chrome Adventure

Taft Special Edition G Turbo Chrome Adventure

Taft X

Taft X Turbo

Taft new prices from Daihatsu Japan (February 2024) below are for reference only to compare price for the different model specifications.

Secondhand prices are substantially cheaper.

Contact us for current availability and pricing if you would like to import your own Taft to Australia.

Daihatsu Taft price and specifications

Taft model options 1

Taft model options 2

Taft model options 4

Taft G Turbo Dark Chrome Venture price

Taft G Turbo Dark Chrome Venture spec

Taft G Turbo Chrome Venture price

Taft G Turbo Chrome Venture spec 4

Taft G Turbo price

Taft G Turbo spec

Taft G Dark Chrome Venture price

Taft G Dark Chrome Venture spec

Taft G Chrome Venture price

Taft G Chrome Venture spec

Taft G price

Taft G spec

Taft X Turbo

Taft X Turbo main equipment

Taft X price

Taft X spec

Taft colour options

The Taft is available in 9 monotone colours depending on the model.

Daihatsu Taft body colours

Taft factory options

Daihatsu Taft factory options

Taft appearance upgrades

Daihatsu Taft Pack optionsTaft Rugged Pack

Taft Style Pack

Individual accessories for the Taft could be selected from the Rugged Style, Chrome Style, Mud Style and Chill Out Style options.

Taft Rugged Style

Taft Chrome Style

Taft Mud Style

Taft Chill Out Style

The Taft also had two special edition Dark Chrome Venture and Chrome Venture packages.

Daihatsu Taft dark chrome venture and chrome venture

Daihatsu Taft Chrome Venture

Taft Dark Chrome Venture package

Taft Dark Chrome Venture body colour

Taft Dark Chrome Venture Special Equipment

Taft Chrome Venture

Taft Chrome Venture body colour

Taft Chrome Venture special equipment

Taft design features

Taft interior features 1

Taft interior features 2

Entertainment functions on the 9-inch HD display include Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Taft apple carplay android auto

Taft display apple carplay android auto 1

Taft display apple carplay android auto

Taft storage and luggage space

Taft Storage space

Taft Storage space 2

Taft Storage space 3Taft Storage space 4

Taft Storage space 5

Taft Storage space 7

Taft Storage space 8

Daihatsu Taft safety, parking and driving support features

Taft import driving functions

Taft cruise contol and other safety features

Taft safety features

Taft safety features electric park brake

Taft driving support features

Taft parking features

Daihatsu Taft night time safety featuresDaihatsu Taft night time safety features

Daihatsu Taft LED headlamp

Taft Safety Performance

Taft snow

Daihatsu Taft safety VSC TRC

There is a good selection of Taft models going through auction in Japan every week – we can assist with the entire process from choosing the best example to shipping it to Australia.

We specialise in direct car import from Japan and have been sourcing vehicles to order for private Australian buyers for over 25 years.

Every vehicle is hand-picked and we only source the very best.

We make Daihatsu Taft import easy with physical inspections of vehicles by experienced staff at over 30 auctions every week in the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyushu / Fukuoka regions.

We start by focusing only on vehicles with the highest auction grades. But there is a lot more involved than just basic auction grading !

Auction reports are often not reliable – we inspect every vehicle of interest in person to ensure it is up to our standard and has the options and features you want.

Most people even in Japan do not realise that a significant % of vehicles in Japan are bought and sold by Japanese dealers for a quick profit between different auctions. If you are not aware of this you will almost certainly pay more than you needed to for exactly the same car.

Our experience with this situation alone will often save you more than the cost of our service fee.

Our import agent service includes a pre-check for past auction records using JCHC, at no cost to you. This allows us to rule out cars recently auctioned and simply moved to a different auction for quick resale, graded R (accident repair) cars changed to higher grades, as well as cars that have passed in unsold multiple times indicating a problem with the condition and/or price.

Our thorough Japan auction inspections include checks of engine, transmission, air conditioning / electrics plus pictures inside, outside and underneath showing options / features and any condition issues. Just like the auction history checks, in-person inspections at auction are all part of our service – no extra charge.

Following these rules and being very selective on quality allows us to consistently target first-time auctioned vehicles for our clients in the best condition and at the best price.

We also ensure that any outstanding factory recalls are completed prior to export from Japan, which is essential before import to Australia / SEVS compliance. *Recall work is free in Japan and will be arranged at no extra charge before your vehicle goes to the Port, but please note there will be a small transport charge (generally $200 to $300) to send the vehicle to the nearest Daihatsu dealer.

Once your Taft has been exported from Japan all original paperwork and additional items such as spare keys and books are sent to you by EMS. This includes the Export Certificate (showing up to the last two re-registration inspection dates and odometer readings, depending on vehicle age) for your peace of mind.

How our Daihatsu Taft import process works.

Our automated auction alerts system ensures you never miss a suitable car.

Set up FREE auction alerts to receive daily email updates for the Taft – the easiest way to monitor auction vehicles in Japan.

Check recent Japan auction sales data for Daihatsu Taft import.

Contact us for current availability and pricing for your own Daihatsu Taft import to Australia.

Every vehicle of interest to our clients is carefully inspected in person at auction, with more pictures provided along with market pricing guidance to help set the budget.

View all vehicle import options for Australia.

Daihatsu Taft pictures

Taft Dark Chrome Venture

Taft Dark Chrome Venture 1Taft Chrome Venture 1

Taft Dark Chrome Venture 2Taft Dark Chrome Venture 3 Taft campingTaft mountainTaft beachTaft city

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