Hybrid Electric Car Import Options for Australia

Hybrid electric car import options are set to dramatically increase for Australia.


This is long overdue considering the seriousness of climate change and the urgent need to reform the Australian transport sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Hybrid Electric Car Import Options for Australia

New import regulations from Dec 2019 will allow the direct import of ANY hybrid and / or electric car to Australia – as long as it was not sold here new.

Even for hybrid electric car models that WERE sold here new, variants of those models will still be allowed for import providing they are significantly different to the locally sold model.

Attraction of Hybrid Electric Cars

The main attraction for consumers other than feeling good about doing something to combat climate change is that hybrid vehicles typically use between 2.7 to 6L / 100 km.

Most hybrids also have a driving range considerably higher than standard internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, with 1,000 km to 1,500 km fairly typical depending on size, weight and of course fuel tank capacity – which is a great time saver as it reduces refueling stops by at least 50%.

Electric vehicles are quiet and have much lower running costs – this all depends on fuel prices and electricity rates which vary, but currently for most Australians, the $ / km of an electric car would generally be about 25% of a standard vehicle as a general guide.

Maintenance is also minimal due to many fewer moving parts and regenerative braking allowing the brake pads to last much longer than a regular car. The need for oil changes and timing belts is gone and owner’s of electric cars are really only left with brakes, steering, electrical, suspension and tyres.

Electric cars obviously have zero emissions at the source so are great for local air quality – of course their underlying efficiency relates to the source of the electricity in the first place which is still predominantly produced from fossil fuels. And you need to consider the efficiency of producing the electricity plus line losses in delivery, and further efficiency losses in charging / discharging.

In time the hope of course is that a move to renewable energy sources coupled with battery storage to stabilise the grid (and in particular the ability to charge your electric car using stored energy from your home solar system) will lead to as close to a nil greenhouse gas emissions transport option as is possible.

We are just at the start of the hybrid electric car revolution with solar and wind technologies set to advance dramatically in coming years, along with hybrid electric car technologies as these all move towards the mainstream and receive more Government support as the public pushes for change.

In the not too distant future, ICE vehicles will be seen in a negative light, and we will wonder how we ever hung onto them for so long.

Changes to the Australian Market for Hybrid Electric Car Import

Ahead of the changes at the end of this year, the Australian Government has already started increasing hybrid electric car import options by approving various hybrid electric models under the “unusual design features” criteria of existing vehicle import rules.

We can already import the Nissan Leaf Gen 1 fully electric (Gen 2 coming soon), Nissan Note e-Power hybrid, Nissan NV200 electric van, Toyota Crown hybrid, Toyota Harrier hybrid, Toyota Alphard and Vellfire hybrids, Toyota Noah hybrid, Voxy hybrid and Esquire hybrid.

Many other hybrid electric car import options are coming soon to Australia such as the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Nissan Fuga hybrid, Nissan Serena S-hybrid, Serena e-Power, and Toyota Estima hybrid.

Manufacturers are currently offering a combination of fully electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) hybrid options using a range of different technologies – we will provide more details on these technologies in due course so you can understand the differences between them and decide which suits your needs best.


The following choices will be updated on an ongoing basis.


Honda Freed 1.5L Hybrid

Honda Freed Hybrid Modulo X

Honda Fit Shuttle 1.3L Hybrid

Honda Fit Shuttle hybrid

Honda Fit (Jazz) 1.3L Hybrid

2013+ Honda Fit hybrid (GP5, GP6, GR3)

Honda Vezel 1.5L Hybrid

2013 - 2019 Honda Vezel 1.5L Hybrid (RU3, RU4)

Honda Odyssey 2.0L Hybrid

2016+ Honda Odyssey 2.0L Hybrid (RC4)


Mazda 3 Hybrid 2.0L (Axela Hybrid)

Mazda 3 hybrid Axela hybrid blue


Mercedes Benz S-Class 222 series S400 Hybrid sedans SWB and LWB

Mercedes S400 hybrid sedan

Smart EQ ForTwo Coupe

Smart EQ ForTwo


Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Minicab MiEV

Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV


Nissan Leaf Gen 1 EV

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Gen 2 EV

Nissan Leaf NISMO

Nissan Leaf e+ 62kW EV

Nissan Leaf e+ AUTECH

Nissan Note e-Power

Nissan Note ePower Nismo (E12) 1

Nissan X-Trail 2.0L Hybrid

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

Nissan E-NV200 EV

Hybrid electric car import Nissan NV200

Nissan Fuga 3.5L Hybrid

Nissan Fuga Hybrid

Nissan Serena Hybrid / e-Power

Nissan Serena Hybrid 27


Suzuki Swift AZ Hybrid

Suzuki Swift AZ Hybrid

Suzuki Spacia 660cc Hybrid & Hybrid turbo

Suzuki Spacia Custom hybrid


Toyota Alphard 2.5L Hybrid 30 Series

Toyota Alphard hybrid

Toyota Vellfire 2.5L Hybrid 30 Series

Vellfire hybrid import

Toyota Noah 1.8L Hybrid

Toyota Noah Hybrid

Toyota Voxy 1.8L Hybrid

Toyota Voxy Hybrid silver

Toyota Esquire 1.8L Hybrid

Toyota Esquire Hybrid

Toyota Alphard 2.4L Hybrid 20 Series

Toyota Alphard hybrid 20 series

Toyota Vellfire 2.4L Hybrid 20 series

Toyota Vellfire hybrid

Toyota Estima 2.4L Hybrid

2019 Toyota Estima Hybrid

Toyota Harrier 2.5L Hybrid

Toyota Harrier hybrid

Toyota CH-R 1.8L Hybrid

Toyota CH-R hybrid

Toyota Crown 2.5L / 3.5L Hybrid

Toyota Crown Athlete Hybrid

Toyota Crown 3.5L Hybrid

Toyota Crown hybrid GWS204

Lexus HS 250h 2.4L Hybrid

Lexus HS 250h hybrid

Toyota Sai 2.4L Hybrid

Toyota Sai hybrid

Toyota Sienta 1.5L Hybrid

Toyota Sienta Hybrid

Toyota Prius PHEV ZVW35 & ZVW52

import Prius PHEV

Toyota Corolla Axio 1.5L Hybrid

Corolla Axio hybrid NKE165

Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5L Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Touring Wagon 1.8L hybrid

Toyota Corolla Touring wagon red

Coming Soon

More hybrid electric import options coming soon

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