Toyota Harrier Hybrid Import to Australia

2013 to current Toyota Harrier Hybrid Import Information for Australia

Plus Toyota Harrier Hybrid Model Details and Specifications

Toyota Harrier Hybrid front rear

Toyota Harrier hybrid import to Australia is now possible for January 2013 to current models.

The Toyota Harrier hybrid sold in Japan is a mid-sized SUV crossover which is closely related to the Lexus RX.

The Harrier hybrid uses the 2AR-FXE 2.5L hybrid power plant producing 267kW (145kW / Tonne at around 1840kg).

2013 to current Toyota Harrier (AVU65W) SEVS Ruling

Australian compliance for the 2013 to current Toyota Harrier hybrid is now available, so we can import you a top quality example directly from the auctions in Japan.

Toyota Harrier hybrid import is quite straightforward and you can select anything you like, so you can be sure about the km and condition you are paying for.

Contact us for current market pricing for any specification.

See how the Toyota Harrier hybrid import process works

View 3 months of past Japan auction sales data for the Toyota Harrier hybrid AVU65W

2018 Toyota Harrier hybrid model options and new price in Japan

All five Harrier hybrid model levels use the 2.5 L E-Four 2AR-FXE which Toyota claims to achieve fuel economy of around 21.4 km / L (4.67L / 100 km).

Toyota Harrier Hybrid ELEGANCE

¥ 3,774,600 (excluding consumption tax ¥ 3,495,000)

Toyota Harrier Hybrid PREMIUM

¥ 4,074,840 (excluding consumption tax ¥ 3,773,000)

Toyota Harrier Hybrid PREMIUM Metal and Leather Package

¥ 4,424,760 (excluding consumption tax ¥ 4,097,000)

Toyota Harrier Hybrid PROGRESS

¥ 4,604,040 (excluding consumption tax ¥ 4,263,000)

Toyota Harrier Hybrid PROGRESS Metal and Leather Package

¥ 4,953,960 (excluding consumption tax ¥ 4,587,000)

2018 Toyota Harrier hybrid colour options in Japan

Toyota Harrier hybrid colour White Pearl Crystal Shine (070) front sideWhite Pearl Crystal Shine (070)

Toyota Harrier hybrid colour Black (202) front sideBlack (202)

Toyota Harrier hybrid colour Black Pearl Crystal Shine (220) front sideBlack Pearl Crystal Shine (220)

Toyota Harrier hybrid colour Dark Blue Mica Metallic (8W7) front sideDark Blue Mica Metallic (8W7)

Toyota Harrier hybrid colour Dark Red Mica Metallic (3Q3) front sideDark Red Mica Metallic (3Q3)

Toyota Harrier Hybrid Pictures

Toyota Harrier Elegance G's 2014 to 2017

Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2017

Modellista Toyota Harrier 2013–17 white

Modellista Toyota Harrier 2013–17

Toyota Harrier Style Ash '06.2016–17 dash

Toyota Harrier Style Ash '06.2016–17 seats

Toyota Harrier Progress Style Blueish 09.2018

Toyota Harrier GR Sport '2017–pr dash

Toyota Harrier Elegance G's '12.2014–17


Toyota Harrier '06.2017–pr interior

Interior Toyota Harrier '2013–17 interior

Boot Toyota Harrier '2013–17

Boot Modellista Toyota Harrier '2013–17

See Toyota Harrier Hybrid Wiki and the Toyota Japan website for more model Toyota Harrier Hybrid information and specifications.


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