Preparing to Bid at Auction

See How to Buy then request our Vehicle Search Commencement package when you’re ready to commence bidding on vehicles using our service.

Things happen quickly in Japan with many thousands of vehicles auctioned daily in different locations.

Amazing vehicles sell for great prices every day but it’s necessary to be ready and waiting for the right one for you.

Our systems are designed to work on short timeframes and we are ready to act when the perfect vehicle you’ve been waiting for comes up, but naturally certain things need to be in place before we can do this for you.

We are more than happy to provide as much information for free including ongoing trials of our Auction Alerts System and past sale prices, and as much advice as you need to decide whether direct import is a good option for you.

We appreciate this can take time, particularly if you’ve never done this before or need to sort out your finances, and we are here to help and advise you.

At the same time it is important to understand the speed of the auction process and the priority we must give to our paying clients.

If you just wait for the right vehicle while trialing our system, then you are likely to MISS IT on auction day.

Often it takes time to find the perfect vehicle, so the last thing you want to do is not be in a position to buy it after weeks or months of waiting.

Auctions favour the prepared and some unique cars come up and once sold are never seen again !

We receive a large volume of enquiries asking many things about importing.

Some would like us to bid on a vehicle based on one email the morning of the auction and no contact information. This is clearly unrealistic.

We operate a professional and reliable service and we work hard for our clients.

In return we ask for a commitment before we commence.

When you are ready to actively search with us
, we like to take some time to discuss what you’re looking for in detail, your needs, budget and timeframe to ensure we can meet your expectations of the process.

We require two things to confirm you are serious and ready to buy:

  • Payment of our service fee

  • Signed service conditions

We then focus our efforts on finding your vehicle and can inspect and bid on vehicles of interest as they come up daily.

Having said that… we love sourcing vehicles and appreciate the passion of enthusiasts.

Sometimes a vehicle may come up and take you by surprise.

It may be completely irresistible.

You thought you were not ready to buy but suddenly find yourself throwing money at your computer screen.

We understand that feeling !

If that happens to you and there is something you have seen on auction day that you absolutely can’t resist, but you are not yet a client, please contact us as early as possible.

We will discuss the vehicle, and see what we can do for you based on how much time is left before auction.

Please note that with many people wanting the best deals on popular vehicles, client specifications sometimes overlap.

Where two or more clients are interested in the same vehicle on auction day, the only fair approach is to give priority to the client that signed up first.  We will bid for the second client to a higher budget, but only if the auction carries the price beyond the first client’s budget.

We therefore recommend contacting us as soon as you have made the decision to import using our service.

What to expect from our service

Watch a short video to see how we work on auction day.

Our automated system will send you daily auction alerts by email for the model/s of interest.

You will most likely have seen these already with a Free Trial of our Auction Alerts.

Our Auction Search also allows you to view past and upcoming auctions online.

Simply advise us each morning before 9am AEST of any vehicles you would like checked, by SMS or email.

If you will be out of contact for any part of the day please advise when requesting the inspection so we can work around that for you.

Vehicles will be carefully inspected in person before providing additional information and pictures.

We will then discuss the condition report with you and your bid limit.

Once a vehicle has been purchased at auction we will provide your Vehicle Import Guide in PDF with simple step by step instructions to follow.

This will include all the information you need to import your vehicle.

We will also be here to assist you with anything you require, every step of the way.

Saving money when paying for your vehicle

For a competitive rate on international funds transfers we highly recommend the OFX online transfer system.

We have used and recommended OFX for many years.

Transfers are fast, reliable and convenient, and their rates will save a significant amount on your transfer compared to bank rates (often close to 4%).

Setup is simple and is best done in advance so you are ready to pay for your vehicle when the time comes.

Once OFX receives funds from your bank they will usually be sent to Japan within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS when your funds have arrived.

How Direct Import Works

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