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Please note due to rapid price rises on classic and collector models since 2020 we no longer source vehicles older than 15 years.

Eligible import models for Australia are explained here.

We cover over 80 auctions and 140,000+ vehicles every week

Japan auction alert email

Morning email for each day’s auctions, so you can easily monitor suitable vehicles available across Japan.

Clients also receive an afternoon preview email for upcoming auctions.

Follow the links to view auction pictures and inspection reports for each vehicle:

Auction car display example

The short video below shows how the auction alerts system works, and what we do for you on auction day to ensure we buy the best vehicle at the right price.

SALE PRICES are updated on our website following the auction (for non-USS auctions) – How to Check Auction Sale Prices

Please Note

Become a client by paying our service fee prior to a suitable vehicle coming up on auction day to enable us to inspect and bid for you

Auctions move quickly in Japan and most vehicles come up with limited notice

We recommend you prepare in advance once you have decided to use our service

See How to Buy from Japan Car Auctions and Preparing to Bid at Auction which explain everything you need to know about getting started

See How Direct Car Import Works and What We Do for more detailed information about our service and how the process works

Once you are sure the car you want can be imported to your country and is within your budget, please request our Vehicle Search Commencement package when you’re ready to commence actively searching and let us know your country / location, the vehicle you want, and your budget – we will need this information to advise you

Japan car auction bidding hall

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Please note due to rapid price rises on classic and collector models since 2020 we no longer source vehicles older than 15 years, so they are not available on our free trial list.

Please contact us if you require a model that isn’t listed in the Quicksearch options (it must be < 15 years old and eligible for import to Australia).

The trial lasts for 1 month and you can of course opt out sooner if you like – just email us to unsubscribe.

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