Toyota Noah Hybrid Import Information

2022+ Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8L (ZWR90, ZWR95)

Toyota Noah Hybrid Import Information and SEVS import eligibility for Australia

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid import options

The January 2014 to January 2022 Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8L MPV (ZWR80G, ZWR80W) and January 2022+ Toyota Noah Hybrid (ZWR90W, ZWR95W) ‘mini MPV’ can be imported from Japan to Australia as none were sold here new by Toyota.

This page deals with the current 2022+ Toyota Noah Hybrid which is available as a 7 or 8-seater in either 2WD (ZWR90W) or 4WD (ZWR95W).

The split in Japan is roughly 90% 2WD and 10% 4WD.

The Toyota Noah, Voxy and Esquire are all built on the same platform. *The Esquire was discontinued in 2022.

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The Noah hybrid has grey and brown interior options.

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid import seat layout2024 Toyota Noah hybrid interior gray2024 Toyota Noah hybrid import seat layout brown2024 Toyota Noah hybrid interior brown

Toyota Noah hybrid import model options

7 and 8-seater options in 2WD and 4WD:

Noah Hybrid X

Noah Hybrid G

Noah Hybrid Z

Noah Hybrid S-G

Noah hybrid S-Z

Pricing and options below are from Toyota Japan (January 2024). Fuel economy figures (WLTC) for each model are included.

Contact us for current availability and pricing if you would like more information on Toyota Noah hybrid import to Australia.

Toyota Noah hybrid import price 1Toyota Noah hybrid import price 2Toyota Noah hybrid import price 3

Noah Design Features

The Noah interior is designed to be comfortable and spacious with a choice of 7 or 8-seater options. Various seat arrangements are possible to maximise utility.

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid 7 or 8 seats2024 Toyota Noah hybrid seat adjustment

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid seat walkthrough

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid seat arrangement2024 Toyota Noah hybrid seat arrangement notes

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid folding seat

Heated Seats

Toyota Noah hybrid heated seats

Noah Hybrid functions:

The Noah has a range of easy access features.

For convenience the Noah has power sliding doors with hands-free operation (and pinch-prevention).

Toyota Noah hybrid auto open slide door and auto sidestep

The Noah has an automatic centre step at 200 mm high for easy entry.

Toyota Noah hybrid auto sidestep

The Noah has long centre pillar hand grips on both sides to assist small children and the elderly.

Toyota Noah hybrid child assist grip

Noah Hybrid System

The Noah hybrid 2WD / 4WD systems use a combination of 1.8L 2ZR-FXE petrol engine producing 72 kW (98 PS) with a 1VM front electric motor producing 70 kW (95 PS) and 1WM rear electric motor producing 30 kW (41 PS) supported by a 4.08 Ah lithion-ion battery.

Toyota Japan claims fuel economy of between 22 km/L (4.55 L/100 km) to 23.2 km/L (4.31 L/100km) (WLTC), depending on the model.

Toyota Noah Bodykit Upgrades

Appearance upgrades are available for the Noah – Modellista Aero Parts packages and Modellista Cool Shine Kit.

Toyota Noah hybrid Modellista Aero Parts

Toyota Noah hybrid Modellista Cool Shine bodykit

Noah Hybrid Options and Features

Smartphone connection (Apple CarPlay / Android Auto™)

You can use smartphone apps such as music, maps, calls and messages on the large screen display by connecting via Apple CarPlay (USB / wireless) and Android Auto (USB only).

Sienta Apple CarPlay Android Auto

TFT Colour LCD Screen

Toyota Noah hybrid console display

Digital Inner Mirror

Toyota Noah hybrid digital inner mirror

Colour Head Up Display

2024 Toyota Noah hybrid colour head up display

Electric Parking Brake

Toyota Noah hybrid electric parking brake

Noah Hybrid Safety Features

The latest Noah hybrid uses a range of advanced parking support and Toyota Safety Sense features to improve safety for occupants and other road users.

■ Pre-crash safety (PCS): Supports collision avoidance
■ Lane tracing assist (LTA): Supports highway cruising
■ Lane departure alert (LDA): Warns of unintended lane departure
■ Radar cruise control (with all vehicle speed tracking function): Automatically maintains a safe distance in traffic
■ Adaptive high beam System/Automatic High Beam: Supports visibility at night
■ Road Sign Assist: Notification of traffic signs
■ Driver emergency response system: Supports life-saving and relief efforts
■ Proactive Driving Assist (PDA): Subtly supports safe driving
■ Start delay notification Functions: Supports preceding vehicles and signal delays
■ Emergency steering support (with active steering function): Supports steering to avoid obstacles in an emergency
■ Front cross traffic alert (FCTA): Helps prevent accidents at the front of the vehicle
■ Lane change assist (LCA): Supports lane changes at high speeds

Toyota Noah hybrid advanced park

Toyota Noah hybrid smart phone parking

Toyota Noah hybrid parallel park

Pre-crash safety (collision avoidance with pedestrians (day / night), bicycle / driver (day / night), motorcycle (day) using millimeter wave radar + monocular camera.

Toyota Noah hybrid radar cruise control

Emergency steering support (with active steering function)

If there is a high probability of a collision with a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist or vehicle and there is sufficient space in the driver’s lane to avoid the collision, the PCS system will apply weak braking and steer the car (even if the driver does not steer) and assist in collision avoidance while remaining within the lane.

Front cross traffic alert (FCTA)

Detects vehicles approaching from the left and right, such as when entering an intersection. If the driver attempts to start even though a vehicle is approaching, a warning buzzer and screen display will operate to alert the driver.

Proactive Driving Assist (PDA)

Anticipates risks depending on the driving situation (such as pedestrians crossing or the possibility of a pedestrian moving in front of the vehicle).

■ Steering and deceleration support for pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles.

Anticipates risks and supports steering and braking operations to avoid getting too close to danger.

■ Deceleration support for the vehicle in front

When an interruption by a vehicle in front or an adjacent vehicle is detected the system decelerates gently to prevent the vehicle from getting too close.

■ Deceleration support for curves

If it is determined that the vehicle is traveling too fast approaching a curve it will decelerate gently.

■ Deceleration support when turning right or left

When approaching a signalled intersection advanced deceleration is supported.

■ Continuous steering support when driving within the lane

By predicting driver operations and changing the steering reaction force, unnecessary operations are suppressed and delays are prevented, supporting smooth driving.

Road sign assist (RSA)

Helps prevent signs from being overlooked.

The multi-information display displays road signs such as maximum speed, temporary stop, and no turning that are recognized by the monocular camera. Additionally, if the system determines that the driver is not obeying road signs or signals such as maximum speed, no vehicles allowed or red light, the system will notify the driver on the display and with an audible warning.

■ Red light notification function

When the system determines that there is a possibility of overlooking a red light and entering an intersection, it will alert the driver by flashing a warning on the display or buzzing.

Driver abnormality response system

If the driver remains inactive during Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) control, the system not only prompts the driver with audible, visual and slow deceleration warnings, but also alerts the driver of any abnormalities outside the vehicle with hazard horns and stop lights. While doing so, the system decelerates and stops within its own lane, helping to avoid accidents that cause injury or damage to the vehicle itself, and reduce accident damage. After the vehicle has stopped, it also unlocks the doors and makes a request for life support via HELPNET® automatic connection for rapid attendance of emergency services.

Radar cruise control (with all-vehicle speed tracking function)

Lane tracing assist (LTA)

Assists with some of the steering operations to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane during highway cruising.

■ Lane Keeping Support Function

Even when the lane is difficult to see or cannot be seen, the system follows the vehicle in front and supports steering operations. Curve driving support is dynamic according to the situation.

Lane change assist (LCA)

Supports lane changes on highways – activates when the driver’s turn signal is operated then uses steering to change lanes and monitors other vehicles changing lanes. The direction indicator will automatically turn off after completing a lane change.

Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

If the vehicle is about to drift out of the lane the driver will receive a warning through the display, steering vibration, or warning buzzer. Steering operation will also be assisted.

■ Lane Departure Warning Function/Lane Departure Suppression Function

The system operates by recognizing not only lanes, but also boundaries between bitumen and grass / soil, curbs, and structures such as guardrails. If the vehicle determines intentional deviation from the lane to avoid a pedestrian or parked vehicle, it has a function that suppresses the activation of the lane departure warning and lane departure prevention functions.

Prius PHEV lane departure alert (LDA)

Adaptive high beam system (AHS)

Supports visibility at night.

The LED light distribution range is finely controlled and the light is automatically blocked only in the areas where the light hits the vehicle in front or oncoming vehicles, allowing high beam driving to be used more often.

Automatic high beam (AHB)

Supports visibility at night.

Automatically switches between high beam and low beam, supporting early detection of pedestrians at night. This prevents situations where the driver may forget to switch to low beam and is more convenient than manual operation.

Panoramic view monitor (with underfloor transparent display function)

Check your surroundings as if you were looking directly above the car.

Sienta hybrid panoramic view camera

An image that looks like the vehicle viewed from above is displayed on the display audio screen. You can clearly check the situation around the vehicle in real time, which is difficult to see just from the driver’s seat. In addition, see-through view allows you to see the surrounding area as if you were looking through the car, side clearance view allows you to check the safety of the sides of the vehicle by displaying an image that looks like the vehicle is seen from above, and it also features a cornering view that allows you to check collision avoidance.

If a moving object is detected around the vehicle while the panoramic view monitor is displayed, a buzzer and display warning will alert the driver. With the voice control system, the driver can display a panoramic view using a voice command instead of pressing the main switch or selecting a switch on the screen. In addition, the rear camera has a cleaning function to maintain a clear view.

360 Degree Panoramic Camera View

Toyota Noah hybrid 360 camera panorama view

Parking support brake (stationary objects in front and rear / stationary objects in the surrounding area)

Helps reduce collision damage by detecting stationary objects around the vehicle.

This system reduces collisions caused by pressing the accelerator incorrectly or pressing too hard, and helps to reduce damage. For vehicles equipped with Advanced Park, stationary objects are detected not only in the front and rear directions, but also around the vehicle to the sides. Not only when assisting with Advanced Park, but also during parking situations such as leaving or reversing, the system monitors the surrounding area and notifies the driver of approaching stationary objects with a display and buzzer, and applies collision damage mitigation braking when the distance gets closer.

Blind Spot Monitor and Rear vehicle approach notification

Alerts the driver when a vehicle approaches from behind.

The blind spot monitor (BSM) rear millimeter wave radar also detects vehicles approaching behind the vehicle and issues a warning via the multi-information display or buzzer.

Toyota Noah hybrid BSM blind spot monitor

Secondary collision brake (for rear collisions while stationary)

The system will activate the brakes to avoid / mitigate secondary collision damage with car/s in front in the event of a rear-end collision.

Contact us for current availability and pricing if you would like to import your own Toyota Noah hybrid to Australia.

Every vehicle of interest to our clients is carefully inspected in person at auction, with more pictures provided along with market pricing guidance to help set the budget.

There is a good selection of Noah hybrid models going through auction in Japan every week – we can assist with the entire process from choosing the best example to shipping it to Australia.

We specialise in direct car import from Japan and have been sourcing vehicles to order for private Australian buyers for over 25 years.

Every vehicle is hand-picked and we only source the very best.

We make Toyota Noah hybrid import easy with physical inspections of vehicles by experienced staff at over 30 auctions every week in the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyushu / Fukuoka regions.

We start by focusing only on vehicles with the highest auction grades. But there is a LOT more involved than just basic auction grading !

Auction reports are often not reliable – we inspect every vehicle of interest in person to ensure it is up to our standard and has the options and features you want.

Most people (even Japanese export agents) do not realise that a significant % of vehicles in Japan are bought and sold by Japanese dealers for a quick profit between different auctions. If you are not aware of this you will almost certainly pay more than you needed to for exactly the same car.

Our experience with this situation alone will often save you more than the cost of our service fee.

Our import agent service includes a pre-check for past auction records using JCHC, at no cost to you. This allows us to rule out:

  • Cars recently auctioned and moved to a different auction for quick resale

  • Graded R (accident repair) cars changed to higher grades

  • Cars that have passed in unsold multiple times indicating a problem with the condition and/or price.

Our thorough Japan auction inspections include checks of engine, transmission, air conditioning / electrics plus pictures inside, outside and underneath showing options / features and any condition issues. Just like the auction history checks, in-person inspections at auction are all part of our service – no extra charge.

Following these rules and being very selective on quality allows us to consistently target first-time auctioned vehicles for our clients in the best condition and at the best price.

We also ensure that any outstanding factory recalls are completed prior to export from Japan, which is essential before import to Australia / SEVS compliance. *Recall work is free in Japan and will be arranged at no extra charge before your vehicle goes to the Port, but please note there will be a small transport charge (generally $200 to $300) to send the vehicle to the nearest Toyota dealer.

Once your Noah has been exported from Japan all original paperwork and additional items such as spare keys and books are sent to you by EMS. This includes the Export Certificate (showing up to the last two re-registration inspection dates and odometer readings, depending on vehicle age) for your peace of mind.

Port clearance and compliance will be arranged for you, and registration can also be taken care of by the compliance workshop for your convenience.

For more detail see How the Noah hybrid import process works.

Our automated auction alerts system ensures you never miss a suitable car.

Set up FREE auction alerts to receive daily email updates for the hybrid Noah – the easiest way to monitor auction vehicles in Japan.

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Toyota Noah hybrid Pictures

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