SEVS Transition Guidelines provided for 2019 to 2021

SEVS transition guidelines

Guidelines are now available setting out how SEVS will work (for the import of vehicles NEWER than 25 years) while we transition from the old (MVSA) to the new (RVS) vehicle import regulations.

Transition period 10 Dec 2019 –> 1 July 2021.

Main points:

– creation of separate online registers for vehicles approved (and denied) under the new RVS criteria

– how to apply for a model to be evaluated for approval and addition to the eligible model list

– detailed guidance on what constitutes a significantly different model compared to one sold here new by the manufacturer (this is quite flexible and will be great for enthusiasts)

– minor changes to the way import approvals and compliance plates are issued, and

– compliance approvals for RVS models will be run through the same MVSA process of compliance package / sample vehicle linked to a specific compliance workshop until the new system of approved compliance packages takes over

The good news is that (at least for now) applications for model evaluation / approval under the new RVS appear to be FREE.

The draft cost recovery statement provided by the Govt. in 2018 indicated an approx. $800 application fee, which may well apply once the transition period is over.

So, if you’re keen to get a model on the new list you should get your applications in ASAP starting 10 December – but be warned, you will need to be prepared with detailed evidence to support your application.

Application form screenshots are included in the Guide so you can see what you need.

Remember – Having a model approved and added to the new RVS eligible model list is only the important FIRST STEP to import the car you’ve been dreaming of. A compliance package will still need to be put together by an engineer or someone familiar with the SEVS / ADR requirements, and submitted to the Govt. for approval. There will be a cost attached and a timeframe of perhaps 3 to 6 months. A ‘sample vehicle’ will also need to be imported and made available for inspection purposes as the first example of that model, until compliance approval is finalised.

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