Import Honda NSX under 25 Year Rule

Import Honda NSX under 25 Year Rule

2021 UPDATE – Sorry, we are no longer taking orders for the NSX as the prices are now too high in Japan for viable import.

Want to import Honda NSX to Australia under the 25 Year Rule and not sure where to start ?

YES – The new 25 Year Rule has been confirmed and will allow the import of vehicles – including the NSX – that are over 25 years old, from 10 December 2019.

This means ANY 1994 built and older vehicle at that point will be allowed for import (other than buses, trucks etc.) including R32 GTR’s, early 90’s JZA70 and JZA80 Supras, MR-2’s, 300ZX’s, EVO’s, Mercedes, BMW and even Landcruisers and other 4WD’s.

This is a rolling rule, so as we head into 2020 we will get access to 1995 and older models on a month by month basis according to the build date of each vehicle.

YES – We have secure indoor storage available now for anyone wanting to get a jump on the market prior to December. This includes weekly start and run for your vehicle in a dedicated storage warehouse – soft car cover and battery tender also available.

Bear in mind that classic vehicles like the Honda NSX can take months to source as few good examples are left in Japan and worldwide demand is steadily increasing. Where specifications overlap, client orders are filled on first come – first served basis.

1990 HONDA NSX front right 25 year rule

Together with the R35 GTR, the NSX has been the most asked about import model for the last 5 years, since discussion of the new import regulations began.

So if you want to import a Honda NSX you will need to compete hard against other enthusiasts not only in Australia but around the world.

What do they cost ?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on exactly what you want – but currently the range for good examples is from about $60,000 landed for automatics, and from about $80,000 landed for a 5 speed manual.

If you want a very low km and immaculate 5 speed manual, then you will need to budget over $100,000 landed, and special models like the Type R are between $200,000 and $300,000 landed depending on km and condition.

Prices are moving quickly though and will be affected by demand from Australia under the 25 Year Rule. This is one model where we definitely advise buying ahead and allowing storage as this is bound to cost less overall than the market price increases.

Honda NSX auction sale price data from the last 12 months can be supplied on request.

So, where to next ?

See how our direct import process works and watch a short video of what we do for you on auction day.

View past Honda NSX auction inspections undertaken for clients.

Sign up for a 1 month FREE TRIAL of our auction alerts for the Honda NSX so you can see how that works and the NSX’s we typically have to choose from at auction in Japan.

Get in touch for further Honda NSX information including current price estimate for your spec and location, and to request our Commencement Package.

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