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Import Honda NSX under 25 Year Rule

Import Honda NSX under 25 Year Rule

Want to import Honda NSX to Australia under the 25 Year Rule and not sure where to start ? YES – The new 25 Year Rule has been confirmed and will allow the import of vehicles – including the NSX – that are over 25 years old, from 10 December 2019. This means ANY 1994 built and older vehicle at that point will be allowed for import (other than buses, trucks etc.) including R32 GT...


March 6, 2019 / Classic cars, General News, Import Regulations
Good News new import regulation

Import Regulations 2019 RELEASED

So, the new import regulations 2019 were finally released with some major improvements bound to put a grin on enthusiasts’ faces. YES – We have secure indoor storage available now for anyone wanting to get a jump on the market prior to 10 December 2019, which is only 10 months away and will be on us before we know it. Bear in mind that some classics may take months to source so it̵...


February 27, 2019 / Australian Compliance, Classic cars, General News, Import Regulations
New Vehicle Import Regulations Passed

New Import Regulations PASSED

The new vehicle import regulations we have all been waiting for were finally passed by the Aust. Govt. yesterday… after 5 long years. At last, Australian consumers will have a greater choice of vehicles at lower prices including low emissions options What happens next ? There is a 12 month period before the new regulations will apply. The old scheme will be phased out over the next 2 years. ...


November 28, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
1993 Mazda FD3S RX-7 auction

Early FD3S RX-7 Prices Skyrocketing

The USA market has been hot for any early 90’s Japanese vehicles since their 25 Year Rule first started allowing the unrestricted import of RHD vehicles several years ago. This has combined with worldwide demand that is recognising the historic value of these models, and appeal that has never waned for driver’s across 3 generations now. As a result we are seeing some amazing prices pai...


July 5, 2018 / Classic cars, General News
Japan Car Storage for 25 Year Old Import Rule

Japan Car Storage for 25 Year Old Import Rule

Convenient, safe and cost-effective Japan car storage is now available for those who wish to buy ahead of import eligibility. This is particularly suited to collector vehicles where the total storage cost is likely to be considerably less than the market price rise during the same period. Japan car storage also allows more time to source hard-to-find vehicles, then have them ready for immediate ex...


February 10, 2018 / Car Storage, Classic cars, General News
1990 HONDA NSX front right 25 year rule

VEILSIDE Honda NSX ~ Bring on the 25 Year Rule !

This stunning 1990 Honda NSX NA1 coupe with VEILSIDE bodykit and deep dish chrome alloy wheels was sold at HAA Kobe on 30 July 2016 and is the sort of vehicle that would become eligible for import in 2018 if the Aust Govt. implements a new 25 Year Import Rule as planned. This NSX sold at auction for the equivalent of about $57,500 landed in Australia. View more pictures and auction sheet for ...


August 1, 2016 / Australian Compliance, Classic cars, General News
Australian Vehicle Import Regulation Changes

BREAKING NEWS ~ Australian Vehicle Import Regulation Changes Announced TODAY

This morning the Govt. provided details of their plans to change the vehicle import regulations. We have briefly summarised what this will actually mean here. Under the proposed changes the NSX and other popular enthusiast models that were previously ineligible for import, as well as a wide range of new cars, will become available for road use. You can view more detail about the Australian Vehi...


February 10, 2016 / General News, Import Regulations
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