BREAKING NEWS ~ Australian Vehicle Import Regulation Changes Announced TODAY

Australian Vehicle Import Regulation Changes

This morning the Govt. provided details of their plans to change the vehicle import regulations.

We have briefly summarised what this will actually mean here.

Under the proposed changes the NSX and other popular enthusiast models that were previously ineligible for import, as well as a wide range of new cars, will become available for road use.

You can view more detail about the Australian Vehicle Import Regulation Changes here and see the Govt. supplied PDF’s below.

From 2018 we will be able to personally import our own new car at the actual cost and not be forced to buy through an Australian dealer at an inflated price:

— < 12 months old / < 500 km
— from countries with similar safety standards, e.g. Japan, UK


Expanded SEVS criteria to increase available models:

  1.  High Performance
  2.  Superior environmental performance / hybrids
  3.  Disability features
  4.  Rare vehicles
  5.  Left Hand Drive, where right hand drive is not available.

Australian and international safety standards will be more closely aligned to make compliance cheaper and easier

The limit of vehicles a workshop can comply will be removed

PLEASE NOTE — We have yet to see what what new models the changes in SEVS criteria will actually give us access to.

Many will want to know whether the R35 GTR, NSX, MR-S, Forester, WRX, UK EVO models, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and other popular rare / specialist models will become possible to import.

The answer will be YES in some cases, particularly for the NSX which started production in 1990. Clearly this, and any 25 year old (or older) vehicle will be importable as soon as these changes are implemented.

For the full story though we will need to wait to see how the criteria are applied to new model applications once the regulations come into force.

For now the Govt. has simply stated that the “eligibility thresholds under these criteria will be developed in light of further consultation”, which means they have not yet decided how the criteria will be applied. Too much speculation at this point would be a waste of time and possibly counter-productive, but we are hopeful we will soon be able to source models that enthusiasts have previously been unable to access.

Old 15 Year Rule will be replaced with a Rolling 25 Year Rule

For example, if enacted in 2017, we would be able to import 1992 and older vehicles with fewer restrictions, moving forward each year.

Import Duty

5% import duty to be removed
$12,000 import penalty to be removed


New car rules to be implemented from 2018

Other changes may come in earlier depending on passage of legislation through parliament

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Questions and Answers

We will provide further updates on these important changes as they progress.

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