New SEVS Approved Vehicle List

New SEVS Approved Vehicle List

The latest list of vehicle models approved for import to Australia under transitional SEVS arrangements is shown below.

You can also check the Aust Govt. website directly for the latest updates.

These are models NEVER BEFORE eligible for import to Australia and include hybrid / electric vehicles as well as significantly different versions of locally sold models.

NOTE:  Inclusion in this list is just the first step to importing one of these vehicles – a compliance package must then be approved and a ‘sample’ vehicle imported before mainstream import becomes possible.

This process typically takes another 3 to 6 months after the initial model approval and needs to be managed by an approved compliance workshop.

If you don’t want to wait and are keen to import the first vehicle as part of the compliance approval process, we can put you in touch with a compliance workshop to assist you – in some cases you may get FREE or discounted compliance.

The interim SEVS list is only temporary and will operate until mid-2021 when the new import scheme takes over.

Models approved under the transitional SEVS arrangements are designated ‘DSEV—’, short for ‘discretionary approval, specialist & enthusiast vehicle’.

This is to allow easy identification of vehicles eligible under the interim arrangements compared to those eligible under the Motor Vehicle Standards legislation.

These approvals have a 3 year expiry date, after which a new application will need to be made and approved. The set expiry date is designed to keep the approved models list current and relevant.

Below is the latest update as of 17 August 2020.

More models will be added and the list updated as time goes on – there are HUNDREDS more models still to come under the new SEVS including many hybrid / electric options, kei cars, and rare vehicles.

 SEVS Interim List 19 Aug 2020 Page 1

SEVS Interim List 19 Aug 2020 Page 2

SEVS Interim List 19 Aug 2020 Page 3

SEVS Interim List 19 Aug 2020 Page 4

SEVS Interim List 19 Aug 2020 Page 5

SEVS Interim List 19 Aug 2020 Page 6

View the latest updates directly on the Govt. website

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