Import early build R35 GTR from 2019

Import R35 GTR

2021 UPDATE – Sorry, we are no longer taking orders for the R35 GTR as the prices are now too high in Japan for viable import.

Related News – Nov 2007 to Jan 2009 R35 GTR now approved for import

R35 GTR – we are receiving a lot of enquiries regarding if / when this model can be imported to Australia as a normal road use vehicle, so here’s an update.

Quick Answers –

2007 – Feb 2009 R35 GTR models should be OK to import to Aust. from 10 December 2019 onwards under the new SEVS. Read more…

Indicative price range is from $55K to $75K complied for most of the available options including as new examples down to the 10,000 km range.

What will those $$ get you ?

Real examples sold in Japan recently:

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Premium Edition  74,000 km, modified, $61,000 complied.

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Premium Edition 

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Black Edition  17,000 km, $64,700 complied.

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Black Edition

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Premium Edition  26,000 km, $59,500 complied.

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Premium Edition silver

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Black Edition  81,000 km, $51,500 complied.

2008 NISSAN R35 GTR Black Edition white

Numbers available in Japan ?

On average approx. 12 x R35 GTR’s of this build range go through the Japanese auctions each week – and perhaps only 8 of these would be suitable for SEVS import.

Numbers will decrease as time goes on. Yes – demand from Aust. will most likely increase the auction prices to some extent – but it is too early to tell what impact this will have.


Yes – we have secure indoor storage available in Japan right now for those wanting to buy cars in advance.

Cost will depend on options required (car cover, battery tender) and will range from about $550 / month.

PLEASE NOTE – we are waiting on the new import regulations to be  before taking R35 GTR orders.

A further update will be provided once the related new import regulations have been finalised (expected in early 2019) and we can be 100% certain about import eligibility for the R35 GTR and other models – that will be the time to place your order / confirm storage cost if you want one.

Check current progress of the 2019 vehicle import regulation changes.

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