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When will it be possible to Import an R35 GTR to Australia ?

Import R35 GTR to Australia

This is one of the most common questions we receive.

Under the current import regulations, the R35 GTR is NOT eligible for import as a secondhand vehicle for normal road use as it was sold by Nissan Australia in full volume. So currently it is a track import only model.

The current R35 GTR SEVS ruling only applies to “new” cars manufactured prior to February 20, 2009. Since this requires 200km or less traveled, clearly none are available that satisfy this requirement.

However, from 2019 the import regulations will be changing.  New eligibility criteria will apply to SEVS vehicles and this will affect the R35 GTR.

Models sold in full volume like the R35 GTR will still be excluded from SEVS – but the period of time between release to a world market and eligibility for addition to the SEVS list will be reduced from 18 months to 3 months.

What this means is that 2007 / 08 models of R35 GTR up to a certain build month could become eligible for road use import under SEVS in 2019, since Nissan were slow to bring the model to Australia.

This will ultimately depend on the details of the import regulation reforms which will most likely be finalised in early 2018.

A rarity criteria has also been added as one of the six a vehicle would have to meet to be added to SEVS.  If an R35 GTR special model variant were produced in low volume then it may meet this criteria.  Bear in mind of course that any qualifying model would be relatively expensive to import compared to standard R35 GTR’s already in Australia.

See 2019 Import Regulation Changes Media Release for full details.

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