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When will it be possible to Import an R35 GTR to Australia ?

Import R35 GTR to Australia

This is perhaps the most common question we receive on a daily basis.

OK, let’s start with the current SEVS (Specialist and Enthusiast Scheme) import regulations for Australia.

SEVS doesn’t allow import of the R35 GTR to Australia as a secondhand vehicle on the basis that this model was sold here by Nissan themselves in full volume. This is one of the underlying principles of SEVS governing all vehicles manufactured from 1989 onwards — any model sold here new is blocked from secondhand import.

Yes, the R35 GTR is on the SEVS register here R35 GTR SEVS ruling because Nissan took so long to gain full volume approval (more than 18 months following release in Japan) that an application could be made to add it to the SEVS register.  However, this is for new cars only with a manufacture date of February 20, 2009 or earlier. “New” means less than about 200kms and genuinely new and not used on the road. Clearly finding one of this age that meets the criteria (for any reasonable price) is now impossible. So for all intents and purposes, SEVS doesn’t currently allow this model to Australia for normal road use.

The recent Vehicle Import Regulation Changes announced for Australia on February 10, 2016 will impact on SEVS and the way models are evaluated.  There are now five new criteria for this purpose instead of the previous four, and a model will only need to meet one of them to be considered eligible:

  •  High Performance

  •  Superior environmental performance / hybrids

  •  Disability features

  •  Rare vehicles (limited production numbers)

  •  Left Hand Drive, where right hand drive is not available

Clearly the R35 GTR would meet the first criteria.  However, the critical issue will be whether a model will continue to be blocked for import if it was sold here in full volume by the manufacturer.

Our view is that since parallel personal importing of new cars (less than 12 months old / 500 km) is proposed from 2018 for models being sold here by the manufacturer, it would be logical to make the same possible for secondhand cars under the updated SEVS evaluation criteria.

However, the proposed Vehicle Eligibility Criteria Under SEVS 2018 will continue to block the secondhand import of any model that was once sold here in full volume as a new car in any related form (make, model or variant).

There is no logical reason for this OTHER than to protect the local market by limiting the number of imported vehicles.

So as it stands, the secondhand import of the R35 GTR to Australia won’t be possible under the currently proposed SEVS eligibility criteria.

The import regulation changes and the eligibility criteria are yet to be finalised and passed through Parliament.

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