Want a Supra widebody under the 25 Year Rule ?

1993 Toyota Supra widebody 02

If you’re thinking of importing a Supra under the 25 Year Rule (March 1995 and older are OK at the time of this post), just note that a Supra widebody like this modified example today may not be eligible for import – based on major body modifications.

Read more about allowed modifications under the 25 Year Rule here

This 1993 Toyota Supra with 120,021 km, Supra widebody kit and other modifications was auctioned at USS HAA Kobe auction in Japan on 7 March 2020.

1993 Toyota Supra widebody 03

Grade R – past repairs. VIN: JZA80-0004807. While the JZA80 Supra remains eligible for import under SEVS for the whole build range, significant past repairs (such as replaced rear quarter panels) exclude import under this option.

1993 Toyota Supra widebody 04

1993 Toyota Supra widebody 05

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1993 Toyota Supra widebody 07

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1993 Toyota Supra widebody 06

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1993 Toyota Supra widebody 01

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