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2000 R34 GTR in Bayside Blue at Global Auto Osaka front

2000 R34 GTR in Bayside Blue at Global Auto Osaka

This 2000 R34 GTR in very desirable Bayside Blue has 71,484 km with 450ps “gentle tune” and is currently available through specialist GTR dealer Global Auto in Osaka, Japan. One of our agents can organise an inspection with 200+ additional pictures and also undertake a road test if required. Based on the asking price in Yen, the final price in Australia would equate to approx. $79,600...


August 1, 2017 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
Import reg changes dont hold breath

Vehicle Import Regulation Reform – What is Happening ?

Latest Update December 2017 ~ 2019 Vehicle Import Regulation Changes – Draft Legislation Announced When first announced in Feb 2016 the proposed import regulation reforms sounded very positive — not only for motoring enthusiasts but for all Australians. AND a long time coming. The Need for Import Regulation Reforms The current import regulations are restrictive to trade and lead to much hi...


July 29, 2017 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
7News new car prices 1

Australians being ripped off on new car prices

7News: Many car buyers wanting to purchase imports claim Australians are being ripped off, with vehicles far cheaper overseas. Typical differences in new car prices can be seen from the comparison of four popular models above. Watch the full 7News report: It’s now been 9 months since the Govt.’s last official update on the proposed vehicle import regulation changes. More reading: Lar...


July 26, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
AUD to JPY rate chart 2 years

AUD to JPY Exchange Rate Highest for 18 Months

The AUD to JPY exchange rate pushed strongly to 89 Yen to the Dollar this week, the highest level since December 2015. Our last update on the exchange rate was this time last year at 80 Yen to the Dollar. Given the volatility of financial markets, whether it continues to improve further and reach 90 remains to be seen. However, after nearly 20 years of importing vehicles, history has taught us to ...


July 20, 2017 / General News
Toyota Estima blocked

Import your People Mover before they’re BLOCKED

With proposed changes to the Australian Vehicle Import Regulations looming in 2018, it’s worth a reminder that people movers such as the Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Estima and Mitsubishi Delica will most likely be blocked from import as a secondhand vehicle (unless they are a hybrid). There may only be 6 months left to import one of these if the changes go ahead as the Govt. has previously indi...


July 14, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations, People Movers
1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-t left rear

Skyline R32 Gts-t Prices

Want to know what Skyline R32 Gts-t’s are selling for ? This 1990 5 speed Skyline R32 Gts-t coupe was inspected for a client and sold this morning in Tokyo. View full auction inspection pictures for this 1990 Skyline R32 Gts-t coupe. 105,746 km, graded 3.5 B. Aftermarket exhaust, wheels and TOMEI boost gauge. Overall condition of the interior, engine and body was actually very good for age...


June 22, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
2015 Alphard Executive Lounge front 2

2015 Alphard Executive Lounge HYBRID from $78K on road

2015 Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge HYBRID (top spec). 81,334 km but still graded 4 B A – clean other than some pin dents and scratches on the body. Auctioned in Japan last Saturday – passed in (reserve price not met). Most likely back for auction this Saturday 17 June. Based on the last bid, around $78K to $80K fully on road in Aust. should buy it. 2011 – 2014 (20 Series) ...


June 14, 2017 / General News
1993 R32 GTR front

1993 R32 GTR – Two Auctioned Today

Here are two more 1993 R32 GTR examples for those wanting a current price guide on importing an R32 GTR from Japan in relatively clean and standard condition with under 100,000 km. Both of these 1993 R32 GTR’s were auctioned this morning at USS Tokyo. We did not inspect these vehicles in person so can only be guided on condition based on the auction reports. Considering where we believe the...


May 25, 2017 / General News, GTR
Hakosuka 1971 Nissan Skyline KGC10 coupe right front

1971 Hakosuka Skyline KGC10 SOLD for $92,700 landed

This classic 1971 Hakosuka Skyline KGC10 5 speed manual with 2.8L engine and GT-R badging was auctioned in Japan yesterday and sold for approx. $92,700 landed in Australia. 100+ auction inspection pictures & more details for this 1971 Hakosuka Skyline KGC10. Worldwide demand for Hakosuka (“box Skylines”) continues to increase which has pushed up prices significantly in recent ...


May 20, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR VSpec right front

R32 GTR Price Update

R32 GTR’s are currently one of the most sought after vehicles worldwide and we receive many enquiries every day asking about the current R32 GTR price. R32 GTR prices are still RISING and demand is increasing. Set up a free email auction alerts trial to be notified of all R32 GTR’s coming up for auction in Japan. Most R32 GTR buyers now want examples with less than 120,000 km, in cle...


May 18, 2017 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
Toyota Mark X Zio 3.5L V36 wagon

Toyota Mark X Zio 3.5L V36 wagon from $10K complied

Looking for a top quality family wagon with some power ? The Toyota Mark X Zio 3.5L V36 wagon has 206kW and plenty of factory options such as cruise control, front / rear cameras, parking sonar, leather seats, sunroof and more. 2007 to 2013 models are available with prices from about $10K complied. View full pictures for this 2007 Toyota Mark X Zio 3.5L V36 wagon inspected at auction for a ...


May 18, 2017 / General News
1995 HONDA NSX NA1 Coupe left front

Honda NSX Collector Car

This very low km 1995 Honda NSX NA1 5 speed manual coupe with just 23,574 kms was auctioned today in Japan, and shows where NSX prices are heading as collectors worldwide vie for the best condition examples. In excellent overall condition, it attracted a lot of attention and sold for 7,935,000 YEN FOB. Had it been eligible for import to Australia, the total price would have been approx. $122,4...


May 12, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
2003 Nissan Skyline V35 350GT coupe right front

BARGAIN 2003 Nissan Skyline V35 350GT coupe available

Be quick to express interest for this BARGAIN 2003 Nissan Skyline V35 350GT coupe with 19″ WORK alloy wheels and TANABE lowered suspension available now through one of our Japanese agents for just 350,000 Yen FOB or $9,900 complied (approx. for most Australian States). UPDATE: Please note this vehicle has been SOLD. 76,000 km. Grade 4 B. HID’s, keyless entry, 6 stack CD changer. TV. ...


April 28, 2017 / General News
Japan Golden Week Holiday autumn

Japan Golden Week Holiday & Vehicle Auction Schedule

Golden Week is a group of annual Japanese public holidays starting at the end of April and running into the first week of May. This year the dates are Sat April 29 to Fri May 5 2017. Most vehicle auctions will be closed during this period. Our automated auction alerts system will continue to run and send emails for any vehicles at auctions that are still operating, however as most of our agents ...


April 24, 2017 / General News
1985 Toyota Sprinter Treuno AE86 GT APEX front

Modified 1985 Toyota Sprinter Treuno AE86 GT APEX available

Be quick to express interest for this modified 1985 Toyota Sprinter Treuno AE86 GT APEX – clearly loved by its previous owner who has spent much more on the car than the current asking price. The long list of quality modifications (below) includes many new and brand name parts, and a full engine overhaul only 6 months ago. It has also been test driven and drives great. This AE86 GT APEX i...


April 22, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
Mazda RX-7 Prices

Mazda RX-7 Prices Jump

The Mazda RX-7 is another model for which prices are spiraling out of control thanks to an insatiable worldwide thirst for collector cars. The RX-7 as a model didn’t age well, showing wear and tear quite quickly if not well maintained. Many were also modified by their original owners and of course being a performance car are more likely to have past repair history. All this makes finding cle...


April 1, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
Just Car Insurance Closing

Just Car Insurance No More in 2017

If you’ve not already heard the news, Just Car Insurance will cease to exist as an insurance brand in 2017. Instead, existing and new policies will be handled by AAMI and Shannons, depending on the type of car. Many of us who have owned imported cars over the years have a bit of a soft spot for JCI as they focused on providing well-priced coverage with fair policy conditions when many of the...


March 31, 2017 / General News
Facebook scam alert 2018 Import Regulation Changes

Facebook Scam Warning 2018 Import Regulation Changes

Numerous pages have been popping up on Facebook and Instagram in the last 12 months claiming they are busy preparing to source new cars come 2018, posting up pictures of high end cars and promising huge savings. As far as we can tell, these “businesses” don’t actually exist other than on social media, so (as always) be wary of scams and very careful to check who you are actually ...


March 30, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR grey

1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR available

This January 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR in grey (KH2) with 74,000 kms has just come into stock with a Japan GTR specialist that we deal with and is ready for immediate export. The approx. import cost for Australia of $35,300 plus tyres and on road costs (at 87 Yen to the dollar) will vary slightly from State to State. All GTR’s from this dealer are mechanically sound, and pre-inspected / is...


March 13, 2017 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
Import of Vehicles with Components Containing Asbestos

Import of Vehicles with Components Containing Asbestos

Last week Australian Customs released an updated list of questions for imported vehicles requiring any asbestos components to be declared / removed at the time of import to Australia. Importing motor vehicles that contain components such as gaskets, brake pads and clutch pads that include asbestos is prohibited in almost all circumstances. Wharf clearance delays may result if a motor vehicle is su...


March 13, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
Wheel clamped 600px Import of New Cars to Australia

Large Car Manufacturers try to stop Direct Import of New Cars to Australia

Proposed Govt. changes to the vehicle import regulations in 2018 would lead to increased competition in the Australian Car market by allowing the direct import of new cars by individuals. The Australian car industry is protected by restrictive import regulations (and taxes) which means all Australians pay much more for cars than they should, in some cases more than double. Not surprisingly, inste...


February 24, 2017 / General News, Import Regulations
Red 1993 R32 GTR left front

3 x R32 GTR’s at Japan GTR Specialist

These three 1992 to 1994 model R32 GTR’s are currently available through a Japan GTR specialist that we deal with and are ready for immediate export. With 77,000 km, 109,000 kms and 128,000 km, prices for Australia would be approx. $42,000 to $45,000 complied, plus tyres and on road costs (at 87 Yen to the dollar). All GTR’s are mechanically very sound, and pre-inspected / issues fixe...


February 20, 2017 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
1987 BMW M3 E30 coupe left front low

1987 BMW M3 Coupe SOLD for $86K landed

This 1987 BMW M3 Coupe was the cleanest example we have seen in Japan to date and SOLD this morning at auction for approx. $86K landed. View 100+ auction inspection pics for this BMW M3 Coupe To see what’s available at auction in Japan and research past prices you can browse past and upcoming Japanese auction vehicles of any model and add yourself to our free email auction alerts trial...


February 11, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
Japan Vintage classic car

Classic Car Inspection at Japan Vintage

Our classic car specialist will be at one of Japan’s premier classic car dealers in the next couple of days. View over 75 cars in stock at Japan Vintage Let us know ASAP if you are interested in any of their vehicles while our agent is there — inspections include paperwork check, 200+ pics and test drive. Cars of particular interest: 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-X L...


February 8, 2017 / Classic cars, General News
Alphard Hybrid front

2015+ Toyota Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire Hybrid – importing now

We are currently sourcing the 2015 to 2017 Toyota Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire 30 Series Hybrid directly from Japan, with auction prices ranging from approx. $55,000 to $115,000 complied depending on specification level, kms and condition. This is the current model now on sale in Japan so we can also order a NEW 2017 model from Toyota for you to your exact specifications. NOTE:  Limited numbers ...


January 25, 2017 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers

Good Time to Import an R34 GTR

For those wanting an R34 GTR please note that there have been some bargains at auction in Japan in the last week compared to 2016 pricing. An improved ex rate of 87 Yen to the Aust. dollar is also helping. We have seen sudden price changes like this happen a number of times over the years and it has always been very short lived, usually only for a week or two. Generally it is related to world even...


January 20, 2017 / General News, GTR

RARE Nissan Skyline R33 GTR NISMO 400R for Auction

This Nissan Skyline R33 GTR NISMO 400R with 2.8L engine and only 13,000 km is up for auction at USS Nagoya auction on 9 Dec 2016. According to Wikipedia, the special edition R33 Skyline GTR NISMO 400R was released on November 3, 1997, with R standing for Racing. Note that the auction has recorded this vehicle as a 1996, so clarification with Nissan Japan on the chassis code would be required. The...


December 8, 2016 / Classic cars, General News, GTR

Supra Prices GO NUTS

Supra prices are rising virtually every week now as they have become almost impossible to find with low kms and in clean original condition. This 1994 Supra RZ 6 speed with 49,653 kms was inspected today for a client and sold for $44,500 complied. Read more about Supra price rises View past and future Supras at auction in Japan...


November 24, 2016 / Classic cars, General News

Garage Defend R33 GTR 2.8L Demo Car

This 1996 R33 GTR with 2.8L engine and T04Z big single turbine has 14,000 km and is currently available through specialist GTR dealer “Garage Defend” in Japan. Modifications list includes: 2.8-litre bore up TO4Z big single turbine Getrag 6 speed transmission HKS V Pro computer Titanium muffler TEIN Harmonic drive Nismo LM4 aluminum foil Carbon rear diffuser + side ge...


November 9, 2016 / General News, GTR
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