1993 Nissan Skyline R32 Gts-4 AUTECH 2.6L 4WD

1996 R33 GTR VSPEC N1 1

1996 R33 GTR VSPEC N1

This RARE 1996 R33 GTR VSpec N1 (V-Spec Series 2 N1 #20/21) – sold today at USS Tokyo auction for 4,005,000 JPY (approx. $66,000 landed in Australia @ 75 Yen to the dollar). Graded 3 most likely due to general corrosion in various places and the rust holes in the right side step and right rear wheel arch… VIN: BCNR33-024522. ...


June 6, 2019 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
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