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1968 Mazda Cosmo Sports L10A coupe front resized

RARE 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sports L10A coupe

This rare and classic 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sports L10A coupe was inspected for a client at auction in Japan over the weekend. Full production of the Mazda Cosmo sports 2-door coupe began in May 1967 and lasted through 1972. Cosmos were built by hand at a rate of only about one per day, for a total of 1,519 (343 Series I cars and 1,176 Series II cars). It had a start price of 4 million Yen but was c...


July 11, 2016 / Classic cars, General News
Sunrise Cars

Edward Lees Imports Now Trading as Sunrise Cars

Coordinated police raids on Sydney car dealers in Feb 2016 resulted in one dealership, “Dream Car City”, having its trading immediately suspended. Edward Lees Imports operated by Phil Lee on Parramatta Road was also raided by police and accused of digitally altering odometers. More detail and video of police raids on Sydney dealerships for odometer tampering Edward Lees Imports is no...


July 7, 2016 / General News
Import Car valuation Customs paperwork

Import Car Valuation

If you have imported a car to Australia from Japan, UK, USA or another country that was bought some time before the import date and has depreciated since then (or was bought from a friend for a nominal value), then you won’t be able to use your original purchase invoice or paperwork for Customs valuation when it comes time to import the car and you will require an import car valuation. We on...


July 6, 2016 / General News
new car import cars on wharf

New Car Import to Australia — What you need to know

From 2018, proposed changes to the Vehicle Import Regulations will make it possible for new car import by anyone in Australia, not just the big car makers. Private individuals will be able to organise their own new car import to Australia every 2 years. This will apply to new cars and motorcycles from another country with comparable standards to Australia’s (including Japan and the UK). Th...


July 6, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
Japan car auction email alerts system

Daily Japan Car Auction Email Alerts System makes searching for your car a SNAP !

Tired of searching through online Japan car auction sites that give you the runaround ? You might want to check out our Japan car auction email alerts system for FREE. Simply enter your email address and select a vehicle make and model, it’s as easy as that ! We cover over 70 auctions and 140,000+ vehicles every week Morning email for each day’s auctions, so you can easily monito...


July 1, 2016 / General News, Japan auction online, Japan car auctions, japan used car auction, Japanese car auction online
1988 SUZUKI ALTO Works white front

RARE 1988 SUZUKI ALTO Works RS-X ~ $6,900

This rare 1988 Suzuki Alto Works RS-X CA72V kei car sold in June 2016 for $6,900 landed. It was eligible for import to Australia under the existing 1988 and older rule. With only a few of these rare cult Suzuki kei cars coming up for auction across Japan each year now, it takes time to source them. To research prices, you can browse browse past and upcoming Japanese auction cars of any model he...


July 1, 2016 / Classic cars, General News

RARE ~ 2000 Toyota Supra RZ S twin turbo 6 speed in BLUE, Auction TOMORROW

2000 Supra RZ S twin turbo 6 speed, 87,560 km, Grade 4 B Auction time 12:49 pm (Japan), Thurs 30 June 2016 ~ USS Osaka Auction (ENDED ~ Final price $53,200) How to bid This is one of the best Toyota Supra RZ S twin turbo 6 speed coupes we have seen in some time. Extremely rare to find with such low kms and in this colour. Aftermarket parts include 5Zigen exhaust, stunning deep dish alloy wheels,...


June 29, 2016 / General News
Why use a Car import broker

Why Use a Car Import Broker ?

Compared to a car dealer who’s job is to sell you a specific vehicle they already own, a car import broker (or vehicle import agent) sources all vehicles to order — they do not own them. This means they are always on YOUR side and there is no conflict of interest in telling you the true condition and kms. In contrast, a car dealer has their own interests at heart. View Police raids ...


June 28, 2016 / General News
1987 BMW M3 import black front

1987 BMW M3 import SOLD for $82,500, WHAT ?!

This LHD 1987 BMW M3 coupe sold at auction in Japan on Saturday for over 5 million Yen, making it the most expensive BMW M3 import we have seen at auction in Japan to date. It was a rare find with sunroof, leather seats, no repair history and a low 57,000 kms. Others recently have sold for over $50,000 landed, but this one would have been approx. $82,500 landed. View more pictures and auction sh...


June 27, 2016 / Classic cars, General News
2010 Toyota Camroad motor home front

1997 to 2013 Vantech Toyota Camroad Motor home 100 and 200 Series

Please note that we don’t source the Toyota Camroad (or any other motorhomes), the following is provided for information only. The Toyota Camroad motor home is a very well-equipped mid size motorhome which can be driven on a standard car license. Construction materials ensure they don’t suffer from rust or corrosion like some other brands. SEVS allows the import of the 1997 to 2013 (...


June 27, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Motor homes
2000 MAZDA RX-7 front

VEILSIDE Fortune RX-7 ~ Best looking Mazda RX-7 turbo ever ?

This 2000 model Mazda RX-7 turbo had full aftermarket body panels fitted by VEILSIDE in Japan to make it look like a Supercar. In Japan this is called the VEILSIDE Fortune RX-7. With past repair history, it was unlikely to be SEVS eligible (before even considering Australian compliance issues due to the different lights etc.). So no good for road use import to Australia but a stunning car none...


June 24, 2016 / General News
New Toyota Alphard front and rear 800px

NEW Toyota Alphard & Vellfire LUXURY people movers are coming !

The current model 30 Series Toyota Alphard & Vellfire LUXURY people movers will soon be available for import. Compliance for 2015+ models is expected by Dec 2016 with sample vehicles just arriving now for the required SEVS testing process. These are fitted with all sorts of luxury features and are a very popular high end vehicle in many Asian countries. Watch videos of Alphard and Vellfir...


June 24, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers
Tour Japan Car Auctions 2

Tour Japan Car Auctions and Bid on Your Own Car

  Planning on visiting Japan and want to see how the vehicle auctions work while you’re there ? Perhaps you’d like to see the natural sights of Kyoto, Himeji and Osaka. Worried about getting around Japan on your own ? No problem ! One of our Australian contacts has lived in Japan for 27 years and can take you anywhere you’d like in the Kansai region including private tours t...


June 18, 2016 / General News, Japan car auctions
1988 PORSCHE 911 Turbo Coupe

1988 PORSCHE 911 Turbo Coupe, SOLD for $128K+

Classic Porsche prices have been increasing for some years with no sign of this slowing. A good example is this LHD 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe with 57,000 km which sold today for the Japanese Yen equivalent of over $128,000 landed in Australia once import costs are allowed for. It was eligible for import to Australia under the existing 1988 and older rule. To research past prices, you can brows...


June 18, 2016 / Classic cars, General News
2014 FT-1 Sports Coupe Concept

New Toyota Supra coming ?

Toyota may be taking its time, but a reborn Supra now looks more likely than ever thanks to some news from the trademarks office in Europe. The Japanese carmaker has again grabbed the rights to the name “Supra” through the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), more than two years after it resecured the rights in the US. Enthusiast site SupraMKV has been watching the trademark ap...


June 17, 2016 / General News
1971 Nissan Skyline KPCG10 GT R Hakosuka

1971 Nissan Skyline KPCG10 GT R Hakosuka — SOLD for $210K !

This RARE and CLASSIC 1971 Nissan Skyline KPCG10 GT R Hakosuka (Hakosuka — “box Skyline”) was sold at USS Tokyo on 16 June 2016 for 12,670,000 YEN FOB. This model had very limited production numbers and prices are rapidly increasing with each example auctioned. 3 years ago a similar example sold for 4.4 million Yen which seemed expensive at the time. We expect prices to excee...


June 17, 2016 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR silver front

Want a “cheap” GTR ?

Many people have been shocked by the surge in GTR prices this year. For most, a GTR has always been their dream car and they thought they had a few more years to work towards it. The sudden price rises have spurred many in this situation to bring forward their plans and buy a GTR now before they are no longer affordable. This in turn is increasing demand and putting further pressure on prices. C...


June 16, 2016 / General News, GTR

R32 GTR with 2009 NISMO Fine Spec Engine & Other Auction Inspection Examples

We came across this special R32 GTR yesterday with a 2009 NISMO Fine Spec engine fitted. The ‘Fine Spec’ engine was one of a special limited production run of 70 units offered by NISMO in 2009 at a cost of 1,375,000 yen (approx. $17,400 AUD at 79 Yen to the dollar, plus fitting), and was the culmination of all Nissan’s technical improvements on the already famous RB26, up to that ...


June 11, 2016 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
Genuine kms promise

Genuine Mileage Guarantee & Japanese Export Certificate

Prestige Motorsport was founded in 1999 to help enthusiasts like us avoid poor quality and falsified imports. As such we are very much against odometer tampering on Japanese vehicles and are committed to ensuring that as a valued client, you fully understand what you’re buying and you get what you pay for. Our specialty is sourcing vehicles in very nice condition and with genuine low kms. T...


June 7, 2016 / General News
1971 Nissan Skyline KGC10 coupe GT-X front right

Classic Japanese Import Cars ~ recent examples

Considering buying a Japanese classic import car and looking to Japan itself for more choice, better condition or a lower price ? Well, if you’ve not already heard, collector car prices have exploded in the last 6 to 12 months. 1970’s models in particular such as Skylines, Sprinters, Crowns, Celicas and others have in some cases quadrupled in value in this time.   1971 Nissan...


June 4, 2016 / Classic cars
Mitsubishi Delica D5 4WD

Diesel Delica D5 import to Australia ~ now possible

It has been possible to import the petrol Mitsubishi Delica D:5 for the last couple of years but compliance for the Diesel D5 has only recently become available, making it possible for Diesel Delica D5 import to Australia. A 2WD version was also sold in Japan but only the 4WD D5 made it onto the SEVS list for import to Australia, with a choice of either petrol or diesel engines. The petrol wa...


May 27, 2016 / Australian Compliance, People Movers
2003 Toyota Estima 3L Aeras S front

Toyota Estima not importable under new regulations ?

See our full Toyota Estima Import and Model Guide here. Toyota Estima Hybrid models are likely to become eligible for import under the new SEVS vehicle import regulations announced by the Aust. Govt. on 10 Feb 2016. However, current industry feeling is that these regulation changes could at the same time BLOCK standard Estima petrol models from being imported altogether. If this happens it...


May 24, 2016 / Australian Compliance, People Movers
AIMVIA new car import

Heightened media interest in AIMVIA this week

Following is the latest update from the Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (AIMVIA). Over the past week there has been significant media interest in AIMVIA, with print and online content backed up by radio interviews in Sydney. The tone of the initial articles suggested concern by FCAI members over proposals by the Turnbull Government to relax the regulations surrounding the p...


May 2, 2016 / Import Regulations
Nissan Elgrand E52 NISMO version

Luxury People Mover ~ 2010 to 2012 E52 Nissan Elgrand

The Nissan Elgrand is a full-size luxury people mover. It is a very practical, comfortable and high optioned people mover with excellent fuel economy for its size. There have been three model developments so far — the E50, the E51 and the latest E52, all of which can be imported to Australia. June 2010 to May 2012 E52 Elgrands can be imported providing they have the OEM ‘around view mon...


April 26, 2016 / Australian Compliance, People Movers
R34 GTR import price

$200K R34 GTR MSpec NUR

This last couple of months has seen some crazy prices being paid for R34 GTR’s like this 6,000 km R34 GTR MSpec NUR which would have ended up at about $200,000 AUD on road. The R34 GTR must surely be one of the most rapidly appreciating vehicles in the world at the moment. Read our latest article to find out what is going on to push prices this high this fast. R34 GTR Import Prices ~ Where ...


April 26, 2016 / General News, GTR
Imported R34 GTR

Imported R34 GTR Prices ~ Where are they Heading ?

If you wanted to own an imported R34 GTR in your lifetime, you may have already missed the boat (so to speak). Read our latest article to find out why, plus current R34 GTR prices. R34 GTR Import Prices ~ Where are they Heading ? No matter what you’re looking for, odds you will find it at auction in Japan. Our Auction Search makes it easy to research prices and availability. We only sourc...


March 31, 2016 / General News, GTR
Japan Auction Car Online Search

NEW Japan Auction Car Online Search tool

Our new Japan Auction Car Online Search tool makes it easy to monitor upcoming cars and research 3 months of sold prices at auctions across Japan. Best of all, it is completely Free with no signup or login. We have built it to be the best on the net but tell us what you think ! Simply go to Auctions: 1)  Choose Today, Past or Future auctions 2)  Select make, model,chassis code and year range...


March 18, 2016 / General News, Japan car auctions
Police Raids on Sydney Dealers Edward Lee Imports

Police Raids on Sydney Car Dealers for Odo Tampering

In case you’ve not seen the news… Coordinated police raids on Sydney car dealers two days ago have resulted in one dealership, “Dream Car City”, having its trading immediately suspended. Videos below show police raids on several well known Sydney dealerships, including Edward Lees Imports on Parramatta Road. Moving sale ending Feb 2016… Prophetic. Moving to anoth...


February 18, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations

2 x RARE 1998 AUTECH 4 door R33 GT R Skylines — Auction today

Only 447 AUTECH 4 door R33 GT R Skylines were made in 1998, yet two are up for auction today. Prices on these special models range between about $30,000 to $60,000 complied depending on kms, condition and originality. Looking for something special ? 1998 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTR 4-DOOR AUTECH 40TH ANNIVERSARY MODEL, white, 102,000 km How to bid Other similar examples are listed below. To rese...


February 18, 2016 / Classic cars, General News, GTR
Import R35 GTR to Australia

When will it be possible to Import R35 GTR to Australia ?

Sept 2017 Update – 2007 to Feb 2009 R35 GTR eligible for import under SEVS 2019 How to import R35 GTR for road use is perhaps the most common question we receive on a daily basis. OK, let’s start with the current SEVS (Specialist and Enthusiast Scheme) import regulations for Australia. SEVS doesn’t allow import of the R35 GTR to Australia as a secondhand vehicle on the basis tha...


February 15, 2016 / General News, GTR, Import Regulations
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