Import of Vehicles with Components Containing Asbestos

Import of Vehicles with Components Containing Asbestos

Last week Australian Customs released an updated list of questions for imported vehicles requiring any asbestos components to be declared / removed at the time of import to Australia.

Importing motor vehicles that contain components such as gaskets, brake pads and clutch pads that include asbestos is prohibited in almost all circumstances.

Wharf clearance delays may result if a motor vehicle is suspected of containing asbestos components.

Discussion of this issue with our industry contacts confirms that the great majority of vehicles we source for our clients from Japan will not be affected at all by this recent change, as they do not contain asbestos components.

There may be the occasional older vehicle which does contain one or more asbestos components. In such cases there may be an additional cost to inspect / remove those parts either prior to export, or at the time of import at a Section 15A Customs warehouse using licensed mechanics (this can be arranged if required at all major Australian Ports).

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