Japanese Vehicle Specifications Catalogue

Japanese Vehicle Specifications R34 Skyline new

Our NEW Japanese Vehicle Specifications Catalogue has full specifications for vehicles sold in the Japanese domestic car market, all in one place !

This makes it simple to research models that best suit your needs. Knowing the new price of different specification levels also helps to understand secondhand pricing.

Available Japanese car data includes:

  • production date range, car make, model, specifications & factory options

  • chassis code, engine, transmission, fuel type, steering, suspension, brakes, safety, navigation, audio & video

  • original manufacturer sale price & pictures

We hope you enjoy this new feature !     CHECK IT OUT NOW

Japanese Vehicle Specifications Alphard Hypbrid example

There is also a useful feature to compare up to 3 cars side by side.

Japanese Vehicle Specifications People mover comparison example

We can source any import eligible vehicle directly from Japan at cost direct prices.

To see what’s available at auction in Japan and research past prices you can browse past and upcoming Japanese auction vehicles of any model and add yourself to our free email auction alerts trial.

Simply contact us if you need assistance with any examples you find or to ask current price ranges for models you’re interested in.

We specialise in sourcing the best Japanese cars and we take time to inspect them properly. If you want a genuine km, clean and original vehicle, we can find it for you, including at dealers across Japan.

You need to be ready and waiting for the right car though, some are not easy to find.

When it does come up, you need an agent that puts in the extra effort to thoroughly inspect it for all the usual faults and issues and provides a full set of pictures on auction day so you can decide what it’s worth.

Rule #1: Don’t EVER buy a car unless you’ve had someone you trust check it first.

Our Past Client Inspections page is filled with examples of vehicles we have inspected for clients including classic cars in Japan. You can browse actual pictures and see the service we provide.

We only source the best vehicles with genuine kms. Read about our Genuine Mileage Promise.

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