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USS Auction Member Restricted

USS Auctions STOP auction images

The company that controls the USS auctions in Japan (roughly 60% of the total auction vehicles in Japan by volume) has stopped the automated access to auction vehicle images and reports, starting 24 Nov 2020. This not only affects our Auctions page but thousands of other websites in the world that display this data with automated systems. USS has now restricted access to these images to paying mem...


November 24, 2020 / General News, Japan auction online, Japan car auctions, japan used car auction, search Japan car auction
Golden Week 2020

Japan Golden Week Holiday & Japanese Car Auction Schedule 2020

Golden Week is a group of annual Japanese public holidays starting at the end of April and running into the first week of May. This year Saturday 25th April will be the last auction day with auctions recommencing on Thursday 7th May 2020. Most Japanese export agents will be fully closed during this period, and our office will also be closed for a break. Our automated auction alerts system will ...


April 22, 2020 / General News, Japan car auctions

Pandemic Pricing – To Buy or Not to Buy…

We keep being asked about what’s going on at the Japan car auctions, are prices cheaper ? Is it a good time to buy ? YES, overall it is a GREAT time to buy if you have cash available. It is after all, about as strong as a buyer’s market gets, and we’ve not seen a situation like this since the GFC 11 years ago – way before Japanese cars jumped in value. So if you thought pri...


April 17, 2020 / Classic cars, General News, Japan car auctions
Japanese Car Auction Search

All New Japanese Car Auction Search

We’ve turbocharged our Japanese Car Auction Search to improve your experience ! All-new display 3 x Faster Improved navigation for phone & tablet It is now easier than ever to view upcoming vehicles across all the Japanese auctions, and to browse 3 months of Past auction results. NEW Auction Location option added – this will help you to research sale prices (by filtering...


September 11, 2017 / General News, Japan auction online, Japan car auctions, japan used car auction, Japanese car auction online, search Japan car auction
USS Auction Map Japan Auction Sale Price

How to Check Japan Auction Sale Price

We are constantly asked two questions – what WILL and what DID a car sell for ? Obviously we can’t predict the Japan auction sale price for cars that have not yet sold. The best we can do is to guide you on general market price range for common models based on your requirements (year, model, condition, kms etc.). We have also designed our Auctions page to provide access to the last 3 m...


September 1, 2017 / General News, Japan auction online, Japan car auctions, japan used car auction, Japanese car auction online, search Japan car auction
Obon 2019 auction dates candles on water

Obon Japan Auction Dates Aug 2017

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist holiday that honors the return of the spirits of ancestors. During this time many Japanese people return to their hometowns to visit the graves of their departed relatives. It’s not just a somber time as spirits are welcomed with celebration and dance. Most Japanese businesses close for up to a week including the Japanese car auctions. The Japanese car auction sc...


August 3, 2017 / General News, Japan car auctions, japan used car auction

Buying Classic Japanese Cars

Classic Japanese cars have surged in popularity and consequently price in recent years, with a particular jump in prices over the last 12 to 18 months. The condition of classic cars in Japan like anywhere else obviously varies widely from pristine museum condition to those requiring full restoration (or worse). And of course there are plenty of rusty wrecks popping up on Yahoo Japan and other on...


July 20, 2016 / Classic cars, General News, GTR, Japan car auctions
Japan car auction email alerts system

Daily Japan Car Auction Email Alerts System makes searching for your car a SNAP !

Tired of searching through online Japan car auction sites that give you the runaround ? You might want to check out our Japan car auction email alerts system for FREE. Simply enter your email address and select a vehicle make and model, it’s as easy as that ! We cover over 70 auctions and 140,000+ vehicles every week Morning email for each day’s auctions, so you can easily monito...


July 1, 2016 / General News, Japan auction online, Japan car auctions, japan used car auction, Japanese car auction online
Tour Japan Car Auctions 2

Tour Japan Car Auctions and Bid on Your Own Car

  2022 Update – Please note that auction tours are no longer available. Planning on visiting Japan and want to see how the vehicle auctions work while you’re there ? Perhaps you’d like to see the natural sights of Kyoto, Himeji and Osaka. Worried about getting around Japan on your own ? No problem ! One of our Australian contacts has lived in Japan for 27 years and can take ...


June 18, 2016 / General News, Japan car auctions
Japan Auction Car Online Search

NEW Japan Auction Car Online Search tool

Our new Japan Auction Car Online Search tool makes it easy to monitor upcoming cars and research 3 months of sold prices at auctions across Japan. Best of all, it is completely Free with no signup or login. We have built it to be the best on the net but tell us what you think ! Simply go to Auctions: 1)  Choose Today, Past or Future auctions 2)  Select make, model,chassis code and year range...


March 18, 2016 / General News, Japan car auctions
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