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Royal Assent

New Import Regulations START – 10 Dec 2019

OK, the date is set. The Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 received Royal Assent on 10 Dec 2018. There is now a 12 month transition period to allow businesses to adjust and new management structures to be put in place. This Bill forms the skeleton of the new laws. The important detail on actual operation will be in the Regulations which have not yet been released. We will update again once this hap...


December 11, 2018 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
Toyota Harrier Hybrid front rear

Toyota Harrier Hybrid available for import

Compliance is now available for the Toyota Harrier hybrid (AVU65W) from January 2013 right up to current models. The Toyota Harrier is a mid-sized SUV crossover with the 2AR-FXE 2.5L hybrid power plant producing 267kW. 2013 to current Toyota Harrier Hybrid (AVU65W) – More Import Information Secondhand import is possible for any Harrier hybrid built from January 2013 onward.  With 250+ Toyo...


October 29, 2018 / Australian Compliance, General News
Reform of the MVSA

Govt. Announces Costs of New Vehicle Import Laws

The new (Draft) vehicle import legislation was introduced to Parliament yesterday. The Govt. has also released a 32 page draft Cost Recovery Plan setting out proposed costs for the new SEVS. On first glance, some costs seem unreasonably high – particularly application fees of between $700 to $3,500 to evaluate a model for addition to the new SEVS list. Submissions from stakeholders are due ...


February 8, 2018 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
Import reg changes dont hold breath

Vehicle Import Regulation Reform – What is Happening ?

Latest Update December 2017 ~ 2019 Vehicle Import Regulation Changes – Draft Legislation Announced When first announced in Feb 2016 the proposed import regulation reforms sounded very positive — not only for motoring enthusiasts but for all Australians. AND a long time coming. The Need for Import Regulation Reforms The current import regulations are restrictive to trade and lead to much hi...


July 29, 2017 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
Alphard Hybrid front

2015+ Toyota Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire Hybrid – importing now

We are currently sourcing the 2015 to 2017 Toyota Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire 30 Series Hybrid directly from Japan, with auction prices ranging from approx. $55,000 to $115,000 complied depending on specification level, kms and condition. This is the current model now on sale in Japan so we can also order a NEW 2017 model from Toyota for you to your exact specifications. NOTE:  Limited numbers ...


January 25, 2017 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers
2016-alphard-hybrid-synergy-drive Vellfire 30

NEW Alphard & Vellfire 30 Series Hybrids ~ Order Now

For all those who’ve been waiting to import this model to Australia, compliance is now available for the 2015 to current Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 30 Series Hybrid. This is the current model now on sale in Japan. NOTE:  Limited numbers will be available for import due to SEVS compliance quotas. So it is advisable to act quickly to confirm your order. View specifications, pictures and vi...


November 5, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers

Cute Mitsubishi i 660cc turbo Kei Car Import

This cute little turbo is available from Japan and is a kei car import option not many people are aware of. As fuel prices rise this could be a good choice for a second car to run the kids around or for city driving. Being very easy to park and cheap to run, the Mitsubishi i is one kei car import that could save thousands on annual fuel bills while taking up virtually no space in the garage ! Th...


October 3, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News

NEW HYBRID Toyota Alphard & Vellfire 30 Series ~ AVAILABLE for import in 2017

The HYBRID Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 30 series has just been added to the SEVS eligible list. This allows 2015+ right up to new models to be imported to Australia. We will soon be able to assist you to order a NEW Hybrid Toyota Alphard and Vellfire Hybrid 30 Series to your exact specifications directly from Toyota, and organise import to Australia. Model information — Toyota Alphard &a...


September 20, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers
Toyota Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire Hybrid

Toyota Alphard Hybrid & Vellfire Hybrid ~ NOW AVAILABLE for import

Compliance has just become available for the Toyota Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire Hybrid 20 series, with 2011 to 2014 models eligible for import right now. This high end MPV is larger and a class above the Toyota Estima / Tarago, and is a direct rival to the Nissan Elgrand in terms of quality and features. The 20 series Alphard and the sportier, more aggressively styled Vellfire have a 2.4L petro...


August 8, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers
1990 HONDA NSX front right 25 year rule

VEILSIDE Honda NSX ~ Bring on the 25 Year Rule !

This stunning 1990 Honda NSX NA1 coupe with VEILSIDE bodykit and deep dish chrome alloy wheels was sold at HAA Kobe on 30 July 2016 and is the sort of vehicle that would become eligible for import in 2018 if the Aust Govt. implements a new 25 Year Import Rule as planned. This NSX sold at auction for the equivalent of about $57,500 landed in Australia. View more pictures and auction sheet for ...


August 1, 2016 / Australian Compliance, Classic cars, General News
Nissan Cube Z12 Ad 1

Cute New Nissan Cube Z12 ~ Now Available !

After a long wait, the Nissan Cube Z12 was finally added to the SEVS approved model list in May 2016, which means all 2008+ Nissan Cubes are eligible for import from Japan right up to the current 2016 model. Yes, that covers both 2WD (Z12) and 4WD (NZ12) versions and the special AUTECH AXIS, AUTECH Rider and AUTECH Rider Black Line models. Nissan claims the 2016 Cube is capable of averaging 19 ...


July 21, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News
Toyota Crown TRD

Toyota Crown Majesta, Athlete & Hybrid ~ Compliance Available

Australian compliance is available for many of the 2009+ Toyota Crown Majesta, Crown Athlete and Crown Hybrid models. The Toyota Crown is very similar in many respects to the Lexus IS and GS models and is based on the same platform. It has a 6 speed tiptronic auto gearbox (or CVT in the Hybrid) and an 8 speed tiptronic auto in the Crown Majesta (changed to CVT in the 2013 facelift when the M...


July 18, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News
new car import cars on wharf

New Car Import to Australia — What you need to know

From 2018, proposed changes to the Vehicle Import Regulations will make it possible for new car import by anyone in Australia, not just the big car makers. Private individuals will be able to organise their own new car import to Australia every 2 years. This will apply to new cars and motorcycles from another country with comparable standards to Australia’s (including Japan and the UK). Th...


July 6, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
2010 Toyota Camroad motor home front

1997 to 2013 Vantech Toyota Camroad Motor home 100 and 200 Series

Please note that we don’t source the Toyota Camroad (or any other motorhomes), the following is provided for information only. The Toyota Camroad motor home is a very well-equipped mid size motorhome which can be driven on a standard car license. Construction materials ensure they don’t suffer from rust or corrosion like some other brands. SEVS allows the import of the 1997 to 2013 (...


June 27, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Motor homes
New Toyota Alphard front and rear 800px

NEW Toyota Alphard & Vellfire LUXURY people movers are coming !

The current model 30 Series Toyota Alphard & Vellfire LUXURY people movers will soon be available for import. Compliance for 2015+ models is expected by Dec 2016 with sample vehicles just arriving now for the required SEVS testing process. These are fitted with all sorts of luxury features and are a very popular high end vehicle in many Asian countries. Watch videos of Alphard and Vellfir...


June 24, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, People Movers
Mitsubishi Delica D5 4WD

Diesel Delica D5 import to Australia ~ now possible

It has been possible to import the petrol Mitsubishi Delica D:5 for the last couple of years but compliance for the Diesel D5 has only recently become available, making it possible for Diesel Delica D5 import to Australia. A 2WD version was also sold in Japan but only the 4WD D5 made it onto the SEVS list for import to Australia, with a choice of either petrol or diesel engines. The petrol wa...


May 27, 2016 / Australian Compliance, People Movers
2003 Toyota Estima 3L Aeras S front

Toyota Estima not importable under new regulations ?

See our full Toyota Estima Import and Model Guide here. Toyota Estima Hybrid models are likely to become eligible for import under the new SEVS vehicle import regulations announced by the Aust. Govt. on 10 Feb 2016. However, current industry feeling is that these regulation changes could at the same time BLOCK standard Estima petrol models from being imported altogether. If this happens it...


May 24, 2016 / Australian Compliance, People Movers
Nissan Elgrand E52 NISMO version

Luxury People Mover ~ 2010 to 2012 E52 Nissan Elgrand

The Nissan Elgrand is a full-size luxury people mover. It is a very practical, comfortable and high optioned people mover with excellent fuel economy for its size. There have been three model developments so far — the E50, the E51 and the latest E52, all of which can be imported to Australia. June 2010 to May 2012 E52 Elgrands can be imported providing they have the OEM ‘around view mon...


April 26, 2016 / Australian Compliance, People Movers
Police Raids on Sydney Dealers Edward Lee Imports

Police Raids on Sydney Car Dealers for Odo Tampering

In case you’ve not seen the news… Coordinated police raids on Sydney car dealers two days ago have resulted in one dealership, “Dream Car City”, having its trading immediately suspended. Videos below show police raids on several well known Sydney dealerships, including Edward Lees Imports on Parramatta Road. Moving sale ending Feb 2016… Prophetic. Moving to anoth...


February 18, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
Honda NSX 25 year import rule

Import Honda NSX under New 25 Year Import Rule (plus other classic models)

We’ve been receiving a large number of enquiries asking when it will be possible to start using the new 25 year rule to import vehicles like the early 90’s Honda NSX, as announced by the Govt. this week. Want to import Honda NSX under new 25 year import rule ? You’re definitely not alone ! ONLINE AUCTION SEARCH — start your research on any model by browsing upcoming aucti...


February 12, 2016 / Australian Compliance, General News, Import Regulations
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