NEW Alphard & Vellfire 30 Series Hybrids ~ Order Now

2016-alphard-hybrid-synergy-drive Vellfire 30

For all those who’ve been waiting to import this model to Australia, compliance is now available for the 2015 to current Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 30 Series Hybrid.

This is the current model now on sale in Japan.

NOTE:  Limited numbers will be available for import due to SEVS compliance quotas. So it is advisable to act quickly to confirm your order.

View specifications, pictures and video for the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 30 Series

We can source 2015 / 2016 secondhand and new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 30 Series models from auction as well as order a new car from Toyota to your exact specifications (allow 2 to 3 months delivery time for a new car order from Toyota).

Sourcing from auction is quicker and easier, with suitable vehicles available at auction every week and ready for almost immediate export.

Conversion of Toyota in-car systems to English and the navigation system to Australian maps can be organised.

Please contact us for more information if you would like to be one of the first in Australia to own one of these luxury people movers.

Toyota Alphard 30 Series specification selection page (Japanese only)

Toyota Vellfire 30 Series specification selection page (Japanese only)

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