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After a long wait, the Nissan Cube Z12 was finally added to the SEVS approved model list in May 2016, which means all 2008+ Nissan Cubes are eligible for import from Japan right up to the current 2016 model.

Yes, that covers both 2WD (Z12) and 4WD (NZ12) versions and the special AUTECH AXIS, AUTECH Rider and AUTECH Rider Black Line models.

Nissan claims the 2016 Cube is capable of averaging 19 km / L (5.26 L / 100 km) with its fuel efficient 1.5L engine and Xtronic CVT transmission.

View full Nissan Cube Z12 Model Information and Specifications including videos of the Rider and Rider Black Line models.

Australian compliance is now available so we can source any of these cute new Z12 Cubes for you directly from Japan at the lowest possible price.

With hundreds to choose from every week it won’t take long to find what you want.

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Compared to the earlier Z11 Nissan Cube, the updated Nissan Cube Z12 has more rounded and curved styling in the rear bumper area, as well as in the asymmetrical rear window (which wraps around to the passenger side), and in the driver and front passenger windows.

Nissan Cube Z12 standard options

While the Z11 Nissan Cube was offered in 5 seater (Cube) or 7 seater (Cube Cubic / Cube3), the Nissan Cube Z12 was only offered with 5 seats.

View Nissan Cube Z12 Model Information and Specifications

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