Less 2nd Hand Import Choice under SEVS 2018

SEVS 2018

blocked under SEVS 2018Under a revised and in many ways more restrictive Import Scheme for Aust in 2018, many enthusiast vehicle models will remain blocked from import if they were originally sold here new and other options will be quietly removed...

It appears likely that people movers such as the Toyota Estima, Nissan Elgrand and Mitsubishi Delica (that currently form the bulk of 2nd hand imports to Australia and keep the industry alive) will no longer be allowed from 2018 unless they are a hybrid.

If you feel this should be different, you have one last opportunity to present your reasoned and logical points for consideration before 31 Oct 2016 to:


Under SEVS 2018 we will still be unable to import the following models (unless they reach 25 years of age or were a special limited edition).

wheel-clamped-600px SEVS 2018

Still EXCLUDED for import under SEVS 2018:

  • R35 GTR

  • NSX

  • MR-2

  • RX-7 (1999 and older)

  • EVO wagon

  • WRX

  • Mercedes

  • BMW

  • Audi

  • Porsche

  • 370Z

  • …and many more

This is inconsistent with allowing the private import of any NEW car from 2018.

Why should secondhand cars be treated differently ?

Providing the proposed SEVS 2018 eligibility criteria are met, we feel ANY model should be eligible for import regardless of age or whether it was sold here new.

Classic and enthusiast cars of the quality required for Australia are in limited supply. If the restrictions were lifted then the market itself would limit their import to relatively small numbers each year.

Most of these cars are frequently polished yet rarely used. Their impact on Aust. roads as a whole is negligible.

Australian enthusiasts are missing out !

By the time these cars reach 25 years old, prices have usually risen many times over and / or they cannot be sourced at all in the required condition.

Have your say before 31 Oct 2016:


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Further details on the vehicle import regulation reforms is available on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s website.

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