DEAD Aust Imports – R34, Supra, RX-7, Silvia & others

RIP Japan Imports

Well, it was nice while it lasted…

Sadly, 2020 marks the viable end for many models that have been much loved imports for the last 20 years.

From September 2020 we stopped taking orders for R34 Skylines, Supras, RX-7’s, Silvias, 300ZX’s, 180SX’s, Stageas, R32 and R33 Gts-t’s, as well as early 90’s Porsches and 4WD’s such as Landcruisers, Pajeros and Patrols.

This is a nostalgic moment for us as we have sourced thousands of these cars over the years. 2020 marks a real turning point for vehicle imports as one door closes on models which have become familiar old friends and another opens to many new and interesting options.

Other classic models are currently borderline viable and will follow the same way over the next 3 to 12 months, as the world rapidly transitions from petrol turbo to hybrid / electric.

What’s next off our list ?

If you want an R32 GTR, R33 GTR, NSX, Chaser / Mark II, or Mitsubishi EVO then we suggest you buy one now – these will be crossed off our order list soon as market prices push them too far into collector car-only territory and beyond the reach of most buyers.

Why ? – There are very few quality examples of these vehicles left in Japan suitable for import to Australia, and anything worth buying has simply become too expensive for the Australian market.

Prices for Japanese classic cars have been steadily increasing since 2014, with a noticeable jump in 2018 / 19 thanks to increasing demand from the USA and other countries.

Come 2020, COVID-19 spurred buyers into action like never before.

The sudden swell in demand for an ever-diminishing pool of desirable classic cars resulted in panic buying from June 2020, with many realising this is their last chance to own one of these cars.

Desperate buyers are now scouring the world causing prices to rise week after week not only in Japan but in every other country these cars have been exported to over the years.

The cars for sale already in Australia have dropped to record low numbers and sellers are pushing up their prices way ahead of the market, trying to take advantage of the situation.

From January to September 2020 we have seen price rises in Japan of at least 30% for all these models and up to 300% on some rare collector cars like purple and blue R34 GTR’s.

Transitioning to a new market

At the same time as the 2020 market pricing has wiped out the import viability for the familiar models above, we have become incredibly busy sourcing the many new and different models including hybrid and electric cars now eligible for import under the updated import regulations.

These combined issues left us with no choice but to move forward.

It’s time to face the facts

For a good 15 years starting in the late 1990’s Australia had its golden age for importing these cars, virtually no other country wanted them and they were dirt cheap with plenty of choice.

As time has gone on, worldwide demand steadily increased from many other countries including Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Norway.

In the last few years the USA hit the market hard with their 25 Year Rule for RHD vehicles combined with a strong USD and a throbbing pent-up demand for Japanese cars generated mainly by the Fast & Furious franchise.

Last Chance

If you want to experience one of these cars before they fade forever from Australian roads and into automotive history, you had better be quick.

We suggest you buy BEFORE the end of 2020.

Get in touch if the model you want is still on our order list, and we will find you a good one before it’s too late.

If you are looking at local cars imported in the past, be sure to history check them first for false km and past repairs so you know what you’re getting.

How direct import works

Research market pricing and availability for any model

Read about the New Vehicle Import Regulations for Australia here

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