Rare 1997 Supra Aerotop sells for $50K

1997 Toyota Supra aerotop 01

8 July 2020 – in a further update to our original post from 26 June 2020, this Supra is now listed by a Japanese car dealer for 3.79 million Yen (including 10% GST):

1997 Supra aerotop moved to Goonet

Looking for a genuine collector car ?

Well, make sure to do your homework first so you know what you’re buying.

Collector car prices are going stratospheric in 2020 – don’t get caught out paying top dollar without knowing the full story.

If you pay BIG MONEY for the genuine thing, that’s exactly what it should be.

Take this rare 1997 Supra aerotop SZ in blue which sold today for 2.755 million Yen or close to $50,000 complied in Aust, plus tyres and on road costs (@ 73.5 Yen to the dollar).

Looked pretty good in the auction pictures today, I’m sure you will agree.

1997 Toyota Supra aerotop 06

The sales points on the auction report noted:

One private owner

Late model

Full original factory condition

Manual books

Non smoker

Genuine rear spoiler

Aero top

Service records at Toyota Corolla dealer

1997 Toyota Supra aerotop 07

Then the condition report mentioned:

Seat sides are worn

Large crack on the console

Scratched / faded wheels

Tailgate supports faulty

Rear panel right corner is distorted

Small scratches / dents / repairs on the body

1997 Toyota Supra aerotop 02

Auction report showed paint wave to most of the body, indicating it had been repainted (note the auction left a 0 out of the VIN, should be JZA80-1000928, naughty-naughty !):

1997 Toyota Supra aerotop 03

OK, so it’s an old car right ? Sure. But it’s starting to look like it’s spent a lot of it’s 23 years in the sun.

Digging back into past auction records we find it was last sold at USS Tokyo auction in December 2019.

It was a badly faded grade 3, dented in the right rear and without a rear spoiler – this is how it looked:

1997 Supra aerotop 01

1997 Supra aerotop 04

1997 Supra aerotop 03

Auction report sales points:

One owner
Genuine alloy wheels
After market CD
Manual books
Private owner (s)

And condition notes:

Scratches on the wiper/s
Seats are dirty / faded
Dashboard is wavy
Door mirror / knob faded
Rear hatch damper faulty
Scratches on the alloy wheels – centre area faded
Scratches / dents / paint faded on the body
Headlights are opaque
Oil leaks

1997 Supra aerotop auction report

So it’s pretty clear this 1997 Supra aerotop while still being a rare car with relatively low km, has had a fairly hard life outdoors with body and interior damage caused by sun and heat.

Bought by a dealer 7 months ago in Tokyo in fairly poor condition, then painted, rear spoiler added, dent fixed, general tidy up, then re-auctioned in Nagoya having traveled only 34 km more.

What did it sell for back then ? Almost exactly half the price, 1.385 million Yen or approx. $28,000 complied, plus tyres and on road costs @ 73.5 Yen to the dollar.

Now, this is a rare car so who’s to say what the value is – ultimately only the buyer.

Aerotops are rare now so just finding one is tough, and no doubt $50,000 will seem ‘cheap’ a year or two from now.

All we are saying is that you should know as much of the history as possible before you buy. After all, when it’s your turn to sell, most future buyers will be looking at this very same information.

Better you know before they do.

As collector cars are rapidly increasing in price and good examples ever harder to find we are seeing more examples just like this one come through auction.

It is therefore critical to be more careful than ever.

Buying anything expensive from the internet without someone reliable to assist you is risky.

Don’t be fooled by what seems to be a great deal.

You can be absolutely sure that anything good won’t be cheap, and anything cheap won’t be good.

There is simply too much attention on collector cars now, and too many sharks ready to bite your wallet.

Make sure you get the vehicle checked in person before you buy.

Background check for past auction records:  Japan Car History Check

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