R32 GTR with 2009 NISMO Fine Spec Engine & Other Auction Inspection Examples


We came across this special R32 GTR yesterday with a 2009 NISMO Fine Spec engine fitted.

The ‘Fine Spec’ engine was one of a special limited production run of 70 units offered by NISMO in 2009 at a cost of 1,375,000 yen (approx. $17,400 AUD at 79 Yen to the dollar, plus fitting), and was the culmination of all Nissan’s technical improvements on the already famous RB26, up to that time.

A very rare find even in Japan and destined to be loved by it’s new owner well into the future !

1993 R32 GTR with 2009 NISMO Fine Spec engine

There’s no doubt it’s getting harder every day to buy special cars at auction given the worldwide attention they are now receiving.

Gone are the days when we could pick and choose from 90’s and early 00’s turbocharged cars for bargain prices.

Like everyone else in the world we are now chasing the prices upwards, with new records being set weekly on GTR’s and most other desirable ‘old school’ turbo models.

Hey, we all know they don’t make them like they used to !

With demand increasing and available cars decreasing, we expect prices to continue to rise as these models pass into classic car history.

There’s certainly no sign of the rush slowing down even in these tough economic times.

Here are just a few examples of vehicles we have inspected for clients recently (and we may have even bought some of them… ;)).

1994 Toyota Supra RZ TT auto, 22,000 kms

2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR VSpec2

1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR collector car

1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 6 speed manual

Modified 2001 Toyota Chaser Tourer V JZX100 auto

2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V Spec 2

2001 Toyota Chaser Tourer V JZX100

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As you can see, we specialise in sourcing the best Japanese cars and we take time to inspect them properly. If you want a genuine km, clean and original vehicle, we can find it for you.

You need to be ready and waiting for the right car though, some are not easy to find these days.

When it does come up, you need an agent that puts in the extra effort to thoroughly inspect it for all the usual faults and issues and provides a full set of pictures on auction day so you can decide what it’s worth.

Rule #1: Don’t EVER buy a car unless you’ve had someone you trust check it first.

Our Past Client Inspections page is filled with examples of vehicles we have inspected for clients. You can browse actual pictures taken at auction and see the service we provide.

To research prices and availability you can use our online Japan Auction Search which shows cars coming up for auction as well as 3 months of past sale results. So you can quickly see what’s been sold in that time and work out how realistic it will be to find the car you want, and likely landed prices.

Simply contact us if you need assistance with any examples you find or to ask current price ranges for models you’re interested in.

We only source the best vehicles with genuine kms. Read about our Genuine Mileage Promise here.

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