Low km EVO 6 GSR Collector Car

EVO 6 GSR blue 1

This blue EVO 6 GSR with just 38,100 km was auctioned and SOLD at USS Tokyo on 21 February 2019 for 2.25 million Yen FOB.

The final price was equivalent to approx. $36,800 complied in Australia, plus tyres and on road costs (@79 Yen to the dollar).

EVO 6 GSR blue 5

VIN: CP9A-0104022. Low km examples like this are very attractive to collectors and usually sell for well above average market price.

EVO 6 GSR blue 2

Grade 4 B.

EVO 6 GSR blue 3

Paint chipping on the bonnet air intake.

EVO 6 GSR blue 7

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EVO 6 GSR blue 6

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