$200K R34 GTR MSpec NUR

R34 GTR import price

This last couple of months has seen some crazy prices being paid for R34 GTR’s like this 6,000 km R34 GTR MSpec NUR which would have ended up at about $200,000 AUD on road.

The R34 GTR must surely be one of the most rapidly appreciating vehicles in the world at the moment.

Read our latest article to find out what is going on to push prices this high this fast.

R34 GTR Import Prices ~ Where are they Heading ?

View 3 months of past R34 GTR sale results

Recent examples:
2002 R34 GTR M Spec NUR
2002 R34 GTR V Spec 2 NUR
2002 R34 GTR V Spec2 NUR
2002 R34 GTR M Spec white2002 R34 GTR V Spec 2
R34 GTR blue production line
View 3 months of R34 GTR Japan auction sales

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