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Last Chance SEVS

Last Chance for Old SEVS models

The old SEVS WILL END in the next 12 months. This has been coming for awhile, so what does it actually mean ? Let’s start with what we know. Many popular import models from the last 20 years will no longer be possible to import. The last import approvals will be issued for old SEVS models on 31 March 2022 and the compliance plate must be fitted to the car by 30 June 2022. Petrol and diesel ONLY ...


May 25, 2021 / Australian Compliance, General News, Hybrid electric, Import Regulations
Changes ahead

11 More Models Added to NEW SEVS List

The latest list of approved models under transitional SEVS arrangements is now available. These are models NEVER BEFORE eligible for import to Australia and include hybrid / electric vehicles as well as significantly different versions of locally sold models. NOTE:  Inclusion in this list is just the first step to importing one of these vehicles – a compliance package must then be approved...


March 27, 2020 / Australian Compliance, General News, Hybrid electric, Import Regulations
New Vehicle Import Regulations Passed

New Import Regulations PASSED

The new vehicle import regulations we have all been waiting for were finally passed by the Aust. Govt. yesterday… after 5 long years. At last, Australian consumers will have a greater choice of vehicles at lower prices including low emissions options What happens next ? There is a 12 month period before the new regulations will apply. The old scheme will be phased out over the next 2 years. ...


November 28, 2018 / General News, Import Regulations
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