2000 R34 GTR VSpec in blue

2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR VSpec Bayside Blue right front

What does a low km 2000 R34 GTR VSpec in bayside blue cost ?

Basically, more every time one comes up for auction.

View the full auction inspection pics and details for this 50,587 km 2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR VSpec in blue which sold today for 7.65 million Yen FOB or approx. $121,800 complied.

Very few quality GTR’s are left in Japan now. Despite what’s still on offer for auction every week, the condition is generally fairly poor.

You can browse more R34 GTR auction inspections here to see what a closer look at these cars reveals for our clients.

It takes time to find one worth spending this sort of money on, then it’s a matter of competing against the Japanese dealers and international buyers who all want the same car.

Like this highly desirable Bayside Blue 2000 R34 GTR VSpec today.

Low km, special colour, special model. These all have an impact on the price.

To go hunting for a decent R34 GTR today you need to budget from about $90,000 complied.

And if you want very low km or special models you’ll need to be looking at the $120,000+ range.

This is just a snapshot in time with prices moving rapidly upwards on these and other collector models.

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