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Hybrid and EV import options from Japan

Check allowed hybrid car and EV car options for Australia, hybrid cars for sale at auction, plus specifications, pictures and sale prices.

From 2023 the import regulations allow the import of a lot more hybrid and electric vehicles. Basically any hybrid car or EV not sold here new is eligible for import.

A wide range of hybrid small cars, hybrid sedans, hybrid minivans, hybrid people movers and hybrid SUV models are now available for import to Australia.

SUV import options in particular were somewhat lacking for Australia until this change. Thanks to the new import regulations Japanese SUV imports simply need to be hybrid and not sold here new. Available import SUV hybrid options are included in the full hybrid list below.

What is the best Japanese import SUV hybrid ? It all depends on your budget and what you need – basic, mid-range or luxury SUV hybrid.

The 2020+ Toyota RAV4 PHV plug-in hybrid is a great mid-range hybrid SUV and is far superior in power, performance and fuel economy to the locally sold RAV4 hybrid only model. The PHV model will drive almost 100 km on EV power only.

If you’re looking for a luxury import SUV then the Toyota Harrier hybrid might suit. It is a mid-sized SUV crossover closely related to the Lexus RX and is marketed as a Lexus outside Japan.

Three Harrier models are available, the 2013 – 2019 Harrier hybrid (AVU65)2020+ Harrier hybrid 2WD and 4WD (AXU80 / AXU85) and 2022+ Harrier PHV plug-in hybrid AXUP85, big brother to the RAV4 plug-in.

If you want a factory badged Lexus SUV from Japan then there are some choices for those too, including 2009 to 2015 Lexus RX 450h hybrid (GYL10) and 2015+ Lexus RX 450h hybrid (GYL20), both running a refined 3.5L petrol hybrid system.

None of these high-end luxury SUV hybrids were sold new in Australia which ends up being great news if you want to import one of the best hybrid SUV models available !

There are also some budget-priced SUV hybrids available from Japan including the 2016 to 2019 Toyota C-HR hybrid (ZYX10),

2019 to 2022 Honda CR-V e:HEV hybrid and 2021+ Toyota Raize hybrid (A202A) / Daihatsu Rocky (A202S).

If you are considering an imported SUV for sale in Australia then why not compare the direct import options from Japan ? Not only are the cost savings substantial but there is a vastly greater choice of better quality vehicles available including high-spec models not originally offered to Aust buyers. The import process takes just a few months and is well worth the wait.

We expect you will be pleasantly surprised !

The following hybrid / EV vehicles are eligible for import under the Australian SEVS car import laws (SEVS = Specialist and Enthusiast Scheme) AND are viable* for us to source to order.

*Simply because a hybrid car model is on the import list does not automatically make it viable for import. This depends on the cost, availability and condition of suitable vehicles (major issues for old / classic cars) and whether SEVS compliance is available.

There are a couple of points to bear in mind. Please note due to significant market changes since 2019 we only source mainstream Japanese-built vehicles from Japan less than 15 years old.

New and near new hybrid cars can be imported and lots of outstanding choices are available, but if you want the best value hybrid car import it is best to focus on the 3 to 15 year old range.

Contact us for current availability and pricing if you would like to import your own hybrid car to Australia. Make sure to let us know your location, vehicle year, make, model, spec, max km and budget so we can provide a quick and detailed answer.

Hybrid Daihatsu

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000475 Daihatsu Rocky hybrid A202S 2021-11 – No end date

Hybrid Honda

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000455 Honda – CR-V e:HEV hybrid RT6, RT5 2019-01 – 2022-09
SEV-000066 Honda – e EV ZAA, ZC7 2020-09 – No end date
SEV-000042 Honda – Fit Hybrid GP5, GP6 2013-09 – No end date
SEV-000071 Honda – e:HEV Fit Hybrid GR3 2020-02 – No end date
PENDING Honda – N-Van e EV 2023+
SEV-000117 Honda – Odyssey hybrid RC4 2016-02 – No end date
SEV-000341 Honda – Shuttle hybrid GP7 2015-04 – No end date
SEV-000342 Honda – Shuttle hybrid GP8 2015-04 – No end date
SEV-000508 Honda – Stepwgn hybrid RP5 2017-09 – No end date
SEV-000530 Honda – Stepwgn EHEV hybrid RP8 2022-01 – No end date
SEV-000027 Honda – Vezel hybrid RU3, RU4 2013-11 – 2021-11

Hybrid Lexus

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000048 Lexus – HS hybrid 250h 2009-07 – 2018-03
SEV-000454 Lexus – LS 500H hybrid GVF55 2017-10 – No end date
SEV-000492 Lexus – RC300h hybrid AVC10 2014-10 – No end date
SEV-000321 Lexus – RX 450h hybrid GYL10 2009-01 – 2015-12
SEV-000322 Lexus – RX 450h hybrid GYL20 2015 – No end date

Hybrid Nissan

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000449 Nissan – ARIYA EV FEO 2020-07 – No end date
SEV-000457 Nissan – e-NV200 EV MEO 2014-05 – No end date
SEV-000174 Nissan – Note e-Power HE12 2016-01 – No end date
SEV-000401 Nissan – Note e-Power E13 2020-12 – No end date
SEV-000402 Nissan – Note Aura e-Power E13 2020-12 – No end date
SEV-000175 Nissan – Fuga hybrid HY51 2010-11 – No end date
SEV-000473 Nissan – Kicks hybrid P15 2020-05 – No end date
SEV-000086 Nissan – Leaf 62kWh EV ZE1 2019-01 – 2020-11
SEV-000122 Nissan – Leaf 40kWh EV ZE1 2017-09 – 2019-04
SEV-000329 Nissan – Leaf 24kWh / 30kWh EV AZE0 2013-01 – 2017-10
SEV-000178 Nissan – Leaf AZEO 30S 2016-06 – 2017-09
SEV-000441 Nissan – Sakura EV B6AW 2022-05 – No end date
SEV-000362 Nissan – Serena S- hybrid HFC26 2012-08 – 2016-08
SEV-000372 Nissan – Serena e-Power hybrid C27 2018 – No end date
SEV-000458 Nissan – Serena e-Power hybrid C28 2022-11 – No end date
SEV-000053 Nissan – X-Trail hybrid T32 2015-05 – No end date

Hybrid Subaru

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000088 SUBARU – XV Hybrid GPE 2013-06 – 2020-02

Hybrid Suzuki

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000327 Suzuki – Hustler MR92S 2020-01 – No end date
SEV-000470 Suzuki – Solio / Solio Bandit MA37S 2020-11 – No end date
SEV-000412 Suzuki – Spacia Hybrid MK53S 2017-12 – No end date
SEV-000050 Suzuki – Swift hybrid AZ 2017-01 – No end date

Hybrid Toyota

Make / Model
Model code
Build date range
SEV-000149 Toyota – Alphard / Vellfire hybrid ATH10, ATH20, AYH30 2003-07 – No end date
SEV-000460 Toyota – Alphard / Vellfire hybrid AYH30 2020-01 – No end date
SEV-000423 Toyota – BZ4X EV XEAM10, YEAM15 2022-05 – No end date
SEV-000161 Toyota – C-HR hybrid ZYX10 2016-11 – 2019-09
SEV-000328 Toyota – Century hybrid UWG60 2018-06 – No end date
SEV-000118 Toyota – Corolla Fielder hybrid wagon NKE165 2013-08 – No end date
SEV-000120 Toyota – Corolla Axio hybrid sedan NKE165 2013-06 – No end date
SEV-000536 Toyota – Corolla Cross hybrid ZVG11, ZVG15 2021-09 – 2022-10
SEV-000016 Toyota – Corolla Touring Wagon hybrid ZWE211W 2019-09 – No end date
SEV-000129 Toyota – Crown 3.5L hybrid GWS204 2008-02 – 2013-07
SEV-000135 Toyota – Crown 2.5L hybrid S200, S210, S220 1999-09 – No end date
SEV-000136 Toyota – Crown 3.5L hybrid S200, S210, S220 1999-09 – No end date
SEV-000350 Toyota – Crown 2.5L hybrid AWS210 2012-12 – 2018-06
SEV-000437 Toyota – Crown Crossover Hybrid 35 SERIES 2022-09 – No end date
SEV-000357 Toyota – Crown 3.5L hybrid GWS224 2018-06 – 2022-07
SEV-000358 Toyota – Crown 2.5L hybrid 2WD AZSH20 2018-06 – 2022-07
SEV-000359 Toyota – Crown 2.5L hybrid 4WD AZSH21 2018-06 – 2022-07
SEV-000500 Toyota – Dyna Hybrid U Series 2003-09 – No end date
SEV-000TBA Toyota – Harrier hybrid AVU65 2013 – 2019
SEV-000376 Toyota – Harrier hybrid AXUH80, AXUH85 2020-06 – No end date
SEV-000524 Toyota – Harrier PHV plug-in hybrid AXUP85 2022-09 – No end date
SEV-000422 Toyota – JPN Taxi hybrid NTP10 2017-10 – No end date
SEV-000503 Toyota – Mirai hydrogen fuel cell (FCV) JPD10 2014-12 – 2020-08
SEV-000306 Toyota – Noah hybrid ZWR80 2014-01 – 2022-01
SEV-000315 Toyota – Noah / Voxy / Esquire hybrid ZWR80, ZWR85 2014-01 – No end date
SEV-000379 Toyota – Noah / Voxy hybrid ZWR90 2022-01 – No end date
SEV-000079 Toyota – Prius PHV plug-in hybrid ZVW35, ZVW52 2012-01 – No end date
SEV-000418 Toyota – Prius PHV plug-in hybrid XW60 2022-12 – No end date
SEV-000325 Toyota – Proace EV V 2021-10 – No end date
SEV-000370 Toyota – Raize hybrid A202A 2021-11 – No end date
SEV-000463 Toyota – RAV4 PHV plug-in hybrid AXAP54 2020-06 – No end date
SEV-000077 Toyota – Sai hybrid AZK10 2009-12 – 2018-02
SEV-000471 Toyota – Sienta hybrid MXPL10/15 2022-08 – No end date
SEV-000459 Toyota – Sienta hybrid NHP170 2015-07 – 2022-08
SEV-000334 Toyota – Vitz hybrid NHP130 2017-01 – 2020-03

We specialise in sourcing hybrid cars from Japan to your budget and spec, including direct access to the Japanese auctions.

Our team is on the ground in Japan checking cars daily. Every vehicle of interest is carefully inspected in person at auction, with more pictures provided together with market pricing guidance to help set the budget.

Check all vehicle import options and compliance availability for Australia.

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