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New Supra rumours continue to excite interest

The media is talking up the likelihood of a new Supra with suggestions it may receive an all-new Lexus twin turbo V6 with 294kW / 407Nm possibly coupled to a hybrid AWD system. That would generate some very serious performance stats. Of course, no one knows what a new Supra would look like yet since it would still be in the design phase, but if it does go ahead and looks anything as good as the To...


August 1, 2016 / General News
2014 FT-1 Sports Coupe Concept

New Toyota Supra coming ?

Toyota may be taking its time, but a reborn Supra now looks more likely than ever thanks to some news from the trademarks office in Europe. The Japanese carmaker has again grabbed the rights to the name “Supra” through the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), more than two years after it resecured the rights in the US. Enthusiast site SupraMKV has been watching the trademark ap...


June 17, 2016 / General News
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