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Import car insurance

Import Car Insurance

Looking for import car insurance ? Companies that handle import car insurance can be a little hard to find, particularly if the model is unusual. There are a number of choices for import car insurance depending on your location in Australia, including NRMA (NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS), SGIC (SA), SGIO (WA) and Shannons (Australia-wide). View current list of companies for import car insurance...


October 1, 2019 / General News, Insurance
Just Car Insurance Closing

Just Car Insurance No More in 2017

If you’ve not already heard the news, Just Car Insurance will cease to exist as an insurance brand in 2017. Instead, existing and new policies will be handled by AAMI and Shannons, depending on the type of car. Many of us who have owned imported cars over the years have a bit of a soft spot for JCI as they focused on providing well-priced coverage with fair policy conditions when many of the...


March 31, 2017 / General News
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