1999 Rover Mini Cooper Mayfair

  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-front-left
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-side
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-left-rear
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-right-rear
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-engine-bay
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-front-seats
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-driver-seat
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-rear-seat
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-foot-carpet
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-phone-mount
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-wood-dash
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-roof-lining
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-interior
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-1
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-4
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-auciton-rear
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-auction-front
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-auction-report
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-build-plate
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-2
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-3
  • 1999-rover-mini-cooper-mayfair-exhaust

This blue 1999 Rover Mini Cooper Mayfair was inspected for a client at USS Tokyo auction on 10 November 2016.

Condition was quite good overall for one of these cars with no rust to be seen, minimal oil leaks, and good paint condition. Hard to find in a Mini these days.

A1 scratches noted all around on the auction sheet were minor. paint was still quite shiny and just needed a cut and polish, wash and detail.

Trims etc quite good condition. Wheels needed a polish.

Looked like it had been stored in a garage for much of its life.

Interior was quite good. Only minor cracking on the lacquer clear coat of the wood paneling. Shift knob had a bit of wear (expected). Roof lining had started to sag and come away in a couple of places which is also typical for these cars.

Centre of the dash had a mobile phone holder attached with double sided tape, should be removable with some care.

Airconditioner was even working well.

This 1999 Rover Mini Cooper Mayfair was eligible for import under the SEVS import regulations for Australia.

It sold for 725,000 Yen FOB which would have been approx. $17,900 complied in Australia at the time (at 81 Yen to the dollar).

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