1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR VSpec

  • R32 GTR VSpec right rear 3
  • R32 GTR VSpec left rear 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec right front 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec left front 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec left front 3
  • R32 GTR VSpec interior
  • R32 GTR VSpec seats
  • R32 GTR VSpec engine 1
  • R32 GTR VSpec build plate
  • R32 GTR VSpec service stickers
  • R32 GTR VSpec seat
  • R32 GTR VSpec right front
  • R32 GTR VSpec left rear
  • R32 GTR VSpec left front
  • R32 GTR VSpec right front bumper
  • R32 GTR VSpec interior door card
  • R32 GTR VSpec interior console box lid
  • R32 GTR VSpec interior 3
  • R32 GTR VSpec front bumper
  • R32 GTR VSpec floor mat
  • R32 GTR VSpec interior roof lining
  • R32 GTR VSpec driver seat
  • R32 GTR VSpec dash
  • R32 GTR VSpec dash vent
  • R32 GTR VSpec dash 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec cigarette lighter
  • R32 GTR VSpec engine 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec engine 3
  • R32 GTR VSpec spare tyre
  • R32 GTR VSpec boot
  • R32 GTR VSpec boot seams
  • R32 GTR VSpec boot seams 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec bonnet
  • R32 GTR VSpec strut tower
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 2
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 3
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 4
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 5
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 6
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 7
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 8
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody 9
  • R32 GTR VSpec underbody

This June 1993 built Nissan Skyline R32 GTR VSpec (with VSpec II badging) was inspected for a client at HAA Kobe auction on 3 June 2017. It was graded 4 B B. 108,470 km total traveled. “$” next to the km reading to indicate the auction had sighted records to confirm that the 320 km/h instrument cluster was fitted by Nissan dealership on 30 June 1994 when the car was still new with 12 km.

Bidding was very competitive despite the early auction time and drove the sale price to 3,240,000 YEN FOB. Total price for import to Australia at the time would have been approx. $51,100 complied (calculated at a rate of 82 yen to the dollar), plus tyres and on road costs.

Overall condition was very good for age. About an inch-thick pile of past service record copies were included in the car and service stickers were obvious on the door pillar (pictured). Engine was running perfectly and clutch was good.

The paint looked very fresh and rubber moldings etc. looked almost new. W marks on the auction report (indicating past paint) and XX marks on the bonnet and right front fender (indicating replacement) appeared to be overzealous on the part of the auction, as we could find no sign of any repaint and all panel gaps etc. were perfect and original.

We suspect the aluminium bonnet and front fenders for the VSpec model may have falsely led the auction to think these had been replaced.

Paint chips to front bumper (pictured). Heater vents were slightly warped and dash had started to lift slightly around the airconditioning vents (typical for this model).

Adhesive residue on the dash from where something like a navigation unit had been stuck on – this residue would have been removable.

Slight wear on steering wheel, shift knob etc. but all very clean for age and kms. Original floor mats still in the car. Green faced digital clock near the driver’s left knee was not working. A few small stains on the roof lining (not cigarette burns).

Minor rust on the body and underneath in a few places like the jacking points however this was only localised and the rest of the body was very clean.

This R32 GTR VSpec was eligible for import under the SEVS import regulations for Australia.

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