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Closed earth

What Pandemic ?

Regardless of everything else that’s going on in the world, 2020 is proving to be the Year of the Collector Car. It is, in fact, the busiest time we have known for importing vehicles of all types in over 15 years. While the shock and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a noticeable reduction in Japan car auction prices between February and April 2020, a surge in demand that started i...


July 14, 2020 / Classic cars, General News
Covid 19 ex rate recovery graph

AUD to JPY Ex Rate Recovers to pre-Pandemic Levels

Between June 2019 to February 2020 the Aussie dollar ranged in value between 70 to 75 Yen. As fears of the Covid-19 pandemic reverberated around the world there was a rapid decline in the exchange rate, with the AUD plummeting from 74 to 63 JPY (almost 15%) between 24 February and 19 March 2020. However, thanks to quick action by the Australian Govt. to control the spread of the virus and many bus...


June 1, 2020 / General News
Coronavirus covid19

Coronavirus impact on car importing

Understandably we have been receiving a large number of enquiries about this topic in recent weeks. Here are some answers to typical concerns. Should I still import a car ? Well, that depends on your personal circumstances and whether anything has changed for you: – do you still want a car ? – do you have cash ? Providing you have secure employment which will remain unaffected by the c...


March 14, 2020 / General News
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