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This classic 1994 MG RV8 with just 19,542 km was sold at USS Tokyo auction in Japan on 05 March 2020 for 2,105,000 Yen FOB, equivalent to about $38,700 complied, plus on road costs (@ 71 Yen to the dollar), imported under the 25 Year Rule.

Auction grade 4.5 B.

We only source the best vehicles with clean and tidy interiors, and only vehicles we would be pleased to own ourselves. This is why we are constantly told by clients that the vehicles we source are well above the condition of most others on the local market.

The pictures are typical of the information we provide prior to auction for each vehicle of interest, with any faults shown so you can clearly see the condition before we discuss whether to bid, and your budget.

Whether you want to import a classic 1994 MG RV8 like this, or another year, make or model, we can find it for you in nice condition and at the best possible price.

It is vital when sourcing your vehicle to use an agent that takes the time to physically check each vehicle and looks beyond the auction pictures and report to confirm condition. Some vehicles may have an unpleasant smoke or other odour, rust underneath, or other faults which are impossible to know without inspection.

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