1990 R32 Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO Edition ~ 1 of 500

  • Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO front
  • Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO rear
  • Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO spec engine
  • Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO spec interior
  • Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO spec driver seat
  • Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO rear seat

This 1990 R32 Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO Edition collector car at the Best-R dealership in Japan was available in July 2016. It had only 27,000 kms and was in near new condition.

The dealer price was equivalent to approx. $130,000 including luxury car tax (LCT), plus tyres and on road costs.

It was not inspected for a client however is included as an example of the sort of specialist vehicles we source from Japan, including dealer vehicles where these are unique and difficult to find at auction.

We send our agents across Japan to inspect as required, this generally includes over 200 pictures, paperwork check, physical inspection and test drive.

Modified R34 GTR example purchased for a client from a Japanese dealer.

The specialist GTR dealer Best-R in Tokyo that has this classic for sale initially told us it was sold, then when we followed up with them the next day apparently “the buyer didn’t come up with the cash”.

As it turns out, it seems Best-R just want it to stay in Japan for a number of reasons including ongoing promotional opportunities for their company.

Buying for export where dealers are not that cooperative isn’t necessarily impossible, but it certainly isn’t easy to arrange. However we would always give it our best shot !

Sourcing collector cars is one of our favourite things to do after all.

There would be very few NISMO Editions left in this sort of condition with full history, and with the level of enthusiasm being shown for GTR’s in Japan itself now it’s easy to see why prices for the best examples are rising so quickly.

The R32 GTR NISMO spec was a limited edition model of only 500 vehicles for sale to the general public and 60 vehicles retained for race use.

Listed specifications for this example included:

NISMO S2 full conversion
NISMO NE-1 muffler
NISMO clutch
OMORI factory titanium tower bar
Chassis refresh
Change in air conditioning gas to R134a
NISMO LMGT-4 GT500 limited alloy wheels 
Orleans DFV
N1 light
NISMO seat covers
GT-R magazine steering
GT-R magazine shift knob
Viper security
BNR34 genuine aluminum pedals

Maintenance records:

April 1990 – 1,140 km

March 1999 – 12,011 km

March 2008 – 18,282 km

March 2012 – 24,250 km

February 2013 – 24,793 km

June 2013 – 25,380 km

Chassis refresh January 2014 – 25,928 km

S2 construction in April 2014 April – 26,039 km

April 2016 – 26,949 km

Model information and specifications for the R32 GTR NISMO

Links to specialist Nissan GT-R dealers in Japan.

We only source the best vehicles with clean and tidy interiors, and only vehicles we would be pleased to own ourselves. This is why we are constantly told by clients that the vehicles we source are well above the condition of most others on the local market.

Whether you’re looking for a collector car like this 1990 R32 Nissan Skyline GTR NISMO Edition, or another year or model of vehicle we can find it for you in nice condition.

It is vital when sourcing your vehicle to use an agent that takes the time to physically check each vehicle and looks beyond the supplied pictures and report to confirm the true condition. Some vehicles may have an unpleasant smoke or other odour, rust underneath, or other faults which are impossible to know without inspection.

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