1986 Toyota Sprinter GT APEX AE86

  • AE86 Toyota Sprinter GT APEX
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This classic 1986 Toyota Sprinter GT APEX AE86 3 door coupe was inspected for a client at USS Tokyo auction on 22 September 2016. It is the type of collector car we specialise in.

This model became famous in Japan and then the rest of the world thanks to being featured in the Initial D series of Japanese manga and anime, then in Gran Turismo and other car racing video games. See Toyota AE86 Wiki for more details.

This has led to increasing demand for the cleanest and most genuine examples, and therefore increasing prices which are discussed more here:

AE86 Prices on the Rise

This example was in very nice and original condition other than some tasteful and minor modifications including:

Watanabe 14 inch alloy wheels
TRD sports bucket seats
Nardi steering wheel
Aftermarket suspension front and rear (springs)
Aftermarket muffler with catalytic convertor
TRD shift kit
Carbon-fibre / aluminum strut-tower bar
Aftermarket spark plug cables

Plus some TRD parts.

While it may not have been fully original, all the paint looked very good, and normal rust problem areas were all rust free. Just minor surface rust underneath which is expected for age.

Odometer was showing 66,993 km and while there was nothing obvious to suggest this was not genuine (given how clean it was overall), we always suggest the stated kms are to be used as a guide only on cars of this age and to judge each on how it presents on auction day.

Pictures taken in dry, sunny conditions were supplied as additional information by the owner via the auction and available online. We inspected the vehicle ourselves on auction day and those are the pictures taken in the rain.

This AE86 was eligible for import to Australia under the 1988 and older rule.

It sold for 2,430,000 Yen FOB which would have been approx. $38,000 landed in Australia at the time (at 76.5 Yen to the dollar), and was the highest price we had seen paid for an AE86 to date.

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We only source the best vehicles with clean and tidy interiors, and only vehicles we would be pleased to own ourselves. This is why we are constantly told by clients that the vehicles we source are well above the condition of most others on the local market.

Whether you’re looking for a classic 1986 Toyota Sprinter GT APEX AE86 like this, or any other type of vehicle we can find it for you in nice condition.

The pictures are typical of the information we provide prior to auction for each vehicle of interest, with any faults shown so you can clearly see the condition before we discuss whether to bid, and your budget.

It is vital when sourcing your vehicle to use an agent that takes the time to physically check each vehicle and looks beyond the auction pictures and report to confirm condition. Some vehicles may have an unpleasant smoke or other odour, rust underneath, or other faults which are impossible to know without inspection.

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