Kyle J, Perth WA ~ 1997 Nissan 180SX 2L turbo

1997 180SX 2L turbo front

1997 Nissan 180SX 2L turbo

Hi Geoff

I would just like to say thank you for all your help with importing my 1997 Nissan 180SX 2L turbo, and I will definitely be recommending you to people I know (I already have to all the people at work and the users of

Maybe I’ll even import again, if so I will be coming back to you. You’ve been a terrific help and the fact that you ARE Prestige Motorsport really gives the company good customer service because I know every time I ring that you are going to answer (or not answer if you are already on the phone). 🙂

Again, thank you for helping my ‘dream’ of owning a 180SX come alive. If you need to, you can send any future customers onto me for a reference 😛 although I don’t think it will be needed. You have really created a marvelous company and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Best regards, Kyle

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